Document Management can be an arduous task for companies, especially when working across multiple domains and channels. Folderit is fast becoming the go-to Document Management System for various use-cases. Now Folderit has joined hands with Make (formerly Integromat). Read on to find out how Automation is made easier with Make.

How does Make (formerly Integromat) work?

Make is an automation tool that allows users to integrate apps, services, and design automation. The best feature of Make is that it is simple-to-use due and efficient, thanks to a well-crafted UI and UX. You can create something as simple as a one-step process or create something complex. You will enjoy Make’s layout and its handling of conditional formatting.

Do works by connecting your preferred apps and services via their relevant modules to create scenarios that automatically transfer and transform your data. You need to construct a scenario that monitors for new data in a single app/service, configure the subsequent modules to get the required result, and Make will take care of the rest.

Make does not require any coding experience or training to use it. You can utilize the simple drag and drop style automation system to set up workflows or go through their library of pre-built templates and choose whichever one works for you.

Make for Folderit 

In a few clicks, integrate Folderit DMS with any of your favorite apps. Create, construct, and automate everything related to your job by integrating programs such as Folderit DMS to create automated visual workflows. Choose from thousands of pre-built apps or leverage Make’s no-code toolbox to connect to apps that are not yet available in their library.

You can automate your document management process by setting up workflows. When a certain document has been approved and stamped with the digital signature, the document can be added to other enterprise tools such as Bitrix24 or EZOfficeInventory. An email can be generated to the associated teams.

Folderit Integrations that make things easier

Folderit is continuously working to improve our user experience. We have partnered up with some of the leading solution providers to give you integrations that make things easier for you.

Microsoft Office 365

With Microsoft Office 365’s integration with Folderit, the collaboration of several individuals or user groups on a document, file, or folder is made evermore easier. Additionally, you can configure the former with varying levels of permissions to provide process owners complete access to files and folders while stakeholders and supervisors have read-only access.

For instance, you could configure it so that the technical writing team has complete access to the document and may collaborate on it using Folderit and Microsoft Office 365’s collaboration tools. At the same time, supervisors receive an evolving preview of the file. Folderit can handle all approvals concurrently or sequentially if your organization has approval workflows.


Folderit features a flexible automated approval workflow that enables users to obtain approvals for documents following their business processes. As such enables you to obtain all digital permissions before completing a process in whatever way you like. Folderit’s DocuSign integration adds another degree of capability to that feature (separate subscription to DocuSign required). You can give automated approvals, apply digital signatures to documents, and control where said signature is used. You can also check the audit trail to see where else that signature has been applied.

Make (formerly Integromat)

Make is a powerful integration platform that lets you seamlessly connect your apps and services, improving your workflow and making operations as smooth as silk, allowing you to focus on new tasks instead of repeating the same tasks repeatedly. With its addition to Folderit, your productivity and workflow capabilities will soar to new heights.