The ability to organize and share data efficiently stands as a beacon of innovation and collaboration. Folderit, a frontrunner in the document management sphere, has once again redefined the boundaries of what is possible with its advanced tagging and sharing features. Let’s delve into how these enhancements can transform your document management experience, fostering a more organized, streamlined, and collaborative workspace.

Harnessing the Power of Tags for Seamless Sharing

Folderit has always been a proponent of utilizing tags to facilitate better organization of files and folders. The recent enhancements in this domain have taken the functionality of tags a step further, integrating sharing capabilities that promise to revolutionize resource sharing within the system. Admins can now share resources based on specific tags with users or groups, thereby creating a more structured and efficient approach to managing access to various resources.

Imagine the ease with which you can manage client projects by tagging all related files or folders with a specific client tag, such as ‘Client X’. This tag can then be shared with the relevant users or groups, granting them access to all resources tagged accordingly. Similarly, departmental access can be streamlined by tagging files or folders with department names like ‘HR’ or ‘Finance’, and sharing these tags with entire departments to ensure the right teams have access to the necessary documents.

Furthermore, the process of event planning becomes a breeze with this feature. For an upcoming event, you can tag all related documents with a specific tag, such as ‘Annual Conference 2023’, and share this tag with the event planning team, vendors, or other stakeholders, facilitating smooth coordination and information flow.

Centralized Management of Tags and Sub-Tags

Admins are now endowed with a central view where they can oversee all created tags, formulate new tags, and even establish sub-tags. This enhancement not only fosters more organized document management but also amplifies the flexibility and control over document categorization. For instance, under the main tag ‘Finance’, admins can create sub-tags such as ‘Invoices’, ‘Reports’, or ‘Receipts’, thereby enhancing the organization of documents and facilitating quicker access.

Additional Features to Enhance Your Folderit Experience

In addition to the revolutionary tagging and sharing features, Folderit has introduced other functionalities to further customize your document management experience. The visibility of the #Team folder is now optional, providing admins with the flexibility to toggle off the default visibility under “Admin Tools > Manage Users”. This means you can decide whether all users added to the system automatically gain access to this folder or not, allowing for a more tailored shared workspace according to your team’s needs.

Moreover, the process of auditing has been simplified with the new feature that enables you to download a single document’s audit trail. You can now easily access a file’s detail view, scroll down to the Audit Trail section, and see the new options for export right there. This eliminates the need to grant auditors access to the file in the system, as you can simply share the log file with them, ensuring a secure and efficient auditing process.

Securing Your Shared Documents with Folderit

The security of sensitive documents is a paramount concern for businesses and organizations. Folderit stands at the forefront in addressing this concern, offering robust security features that work hand-in-hand with its advanced tagging and sharing capabilities.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC):

Folderit’s system allows administrators to define roles within their teams and assign access permissions based on these roles. This means that when a document is tagged and shared, only individuals with the appropriate roles can access it, ensuring that sensitive information is only accessible to those who are authorized to view it.

Audit Trail for Individual Documents:

Transparency and accountability are vital in document management. Folderit introduces a feature where you can download a single document’s audit trail. This means that for every file shared within the system, there is a detailed log of who accessed it and when. This feature not only enhances security but also aids in compliance and auditing processes.

Customizable Team Folder Visibility:

To further enhance the control over shared documents, Folderit has introduced a feature where the visibility of the team folder can be toggled on or off by the admins. This means that admins have the discretion to decide whether all users added to the system automatically get access to this folder or not, allowing for a more customized and secure shared workspace.

Secure Sharing with External Stakeholders:

Folderit understands that businesses often need to collaborate with external stakeholders. The system allows for secure sharing of tagged documents with individuals outside of your organization, ensuring that your data remains protected while fostering collaboration and information exchange.

Stepping into a Future of Streamlined Document Management with Folderit

As we navigate the complex landscapes of data management, Folderit stands as a beacon of innovation, continually evolving to meet the dynamic needs of its users. The advanced tagging and sharing features are a testament to Folderit’s commitment to fostering a more organized, streamlined, and collaborative document management experience. Step into the future of document management with Folderit, where innovation meets efficiency, and collaboration is just a tag away.

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