If the entire purpose of the internet boils down to a single function, the most efficient use of the platform would undeniably be the ability to transfer massive volumes of data at the push of a button across massive distances.

While paper continues to be completely “hack-proof”, its security comes at the cost of being physically weak, susceptibility to theft, destruction, or even misplacement. When it comes to documents that need to be kept secure in the modern era, Folderit offers a secure online file storage and sharing solution that makes security concerns a thing of the past.

How is Folderit a secure online file storage and sharing solution?

Folderit encrypts all its data, to store as well as transfer. Encryption means to hide information such that it cannot be read without security clearance. This clearance comes in the shape of either a code, or a cipher, without which the content would appear garbled and/or unintelligible. 

Without getting too technical, our households run an average of 128-bit encryption. that means even if a supercomputer were to attempt to guess the cipher (brute force attack), it would take at least 149 Trillion years to crack a 128-Bit key. That’s 2128 possible combinations in total.

Folderit is kept secure using 256-bit bank level encryption! To put it in context, if every human on earth was given 10 computers, and each computer was guessing 1 billion key combinations every second, it would take approximately 77,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years to get only halfway to cracking it.

And that’s just the protection on the content stored on Folderit’s cloud server. All communications in and out of the platform are protected under SSL encryption. 

Suffice to say, all this security is put in place to protect your content against any unauthorized access. 

The entire purpose of this level of security is to ensure:

  • Confidentiality: Your content is only accessible by users, or user groups with the requisite authorization.
  • Authentication: verifies that the message originated from the right source.
  • Integrity: ensures that the contents of the message have not changed since leaving the source. 
  • Nonrepudiation: Ensures that senders don’t raise a “did not receive” issue despite having received the file.

Advantages of using Folderit for files/documents

Folderit creates users and user groups with varying degrees of permissions. You can configure your Folderit such that some users have unlimited access to the content, e.g. the CEO, or they have limited access, i.e. full access to some folders, view-only access to other folders and restricted access .e.g. marketing does not need to have access to financial files and folders. You can also set it up such that some users have restricted access, such as consultants and/or auditors, where they can be granted read-only access to some folders and no access to other folders. To these users, it would be as if the restricted folders never existed. 

All of these measures help you create an infrastructure of content that you can be assured are in full support of your secure online file storage and sharing needs.

Other features

Folderit also integrates with Microsoft Office 365 (separate subscription required), allowing users to collaborate and work together on Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint as natively as they would sitting together, next to each other.

Additionally, Folderit allows you to associate files to help create relations between documents in different folder structures that belong together. This is especially handy in situations where teams, or users are working on different parts of a project. You can configure each apparently disjointed file to be associated with each other. That way the entire work can appear together regardless of which folders each file is stored in.

Moreover, Folderit facilitates automatic approval system versioning, metadata, as well as custom metadata, OCR enabled search that lets you find your desired documents from meta data, content, as well as read-only content such as PDFs, Scans, Photographs, etc. 


It is not enough that a platform provides a secure online file storage and sharing service, it also needs to be able to provide a feature-rich, high functionality, user-friendly experience that does not add complexity. Folderit has won an award for pulling off exactly that. 

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