Nowadays in almost every industry electronic signatures play a crucial role in streamlining document workflows and ensuring secure, legally binding transactions.

By integrating electronic signature capabilities into your document management system (DMS), you can accelerate document approvals, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency. 

Understanding Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures are digital representations of a person’s intent to agree to the contents of a document. They can take various forms, including typed names, digital images of handwritten signatures, or even unique biometric data, such as a fingerprint. Electronic signatures are legally recognized in most countries, including the United States under the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act and in the European Union under the eIDAS regulation.

Benefits of Integrating Electronic Signatures into a DMS

Integrating electronic signatures into your document management system offers several advantages:

  1. Faster Approvals: Electronic signatures allow for quicker document approvals and turnaround times, reducing delays in your business processes.
  2. Improved Security: Electronic signatures provide an additional layer of security to your documents, as they can be encrypted and include a digital audit trail that ensures the integrity of the signed document.
  3. Reduced Paperwork: By eliminating the need for physical signatures, electronic signatures help reduce paper usage, storage space, and associated costs.
  4. Increased Efficiency: Electronic signatures streamline workflows by allowing multiple parties to sign documents simultaneously, reducing the time spent waiting for signatures.
  5. Enhanced Compliance: Electronic signatures can help your organization maintain compliance with industry-specific regulations and requirements, such as GDPR or HIPAA, by ensuring that signed documents are secure and traceable.

Folderit’s Integration with DocuSign

Folderit supports EU eID signatures and integrations with DocuSign, the world’s most trusted electronic signature provider, to offer seamless electronic signature capabilities within its platform. This integration allows Folderit users to:

  1. Easily Request Signatures: Users can quickly request electronic signatures from multiple parties within the Folderit platform, eliminating the need for separate applications or manual processes.
  2. Track Signature Status: Folderit’s integration with DocuSign enables users to track the status of signature requests, ensuring that all parties have completed the signing process.
  3. Securely Store Signed Documents: Once a document has been signed electronically, Folderit automatically stores the signed version in its secure, encrypted repository.
  4. Access Comprehensive Audit Trails: Folderit users can access detailed audit trails of signed documents, including information on when each signature was added and by whom.
  5. Maintain Compliance: Folderit’s integration with DocuSign helps organizations maintain compliance with industry regulations by ensuring the security and traceability of signed documents.

How to Get Started with Folderit and DocuSign

To start leveraging the benefits of electronic signatures in your document management workflows, follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up for a Folderit account if you haven’t already. 
  2. Create a DocuSign account (separate subscription to DocuSign required) and connect it to your Folderit account. Folderit provides step-by-step instructions for setting up the integration.
  3. Begin requesting electronic signatures within Folderit. Once your accounts are connected, you can start sending signature requests and managing signed documents within the Folderit platform.


Electronic signatures have become an essential component of modern document management systems, offering numerous benefits such as faster approvals, improved security, reduced paperwork, increased efficiency, and enhanced compliance. Folderit’s integration with DocuSign provides a seamless, user-friendly solution for incorporating electronic signatures into your document workflows, simplifying the process and ensuring a secure, compliant signing experience.

By choosing Folderit as your document management system and taking advantage of its integration with DocuSign, your organization can not only streamline its document handling processes but also stay ahead of the curve in today’s digital business environment. Don’t let outdated, manual signing methods hold your business back – embrace the power of electronic signatures and elevate your document management strategy with Folderit and DocuSign.

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