Organizations and teams are increasingly reliant on document management to perform business. They are producing content at a quickening pace, and today’s documents, which are primarily digitized, last much longer than they did in the days of paper.

“On average, organizations expect the volume of information coming into their organizations to grow from X to 4.5X over the next two years.” — AIIM 2020

These issues, if left untreated, can lead to:

  • Siloed Desktops
  • Cluttered network drives
  • Databases that are not Organized

When information is dispersed among individuals and teams, documents can go lost, become obsolete, become insecure, and, in the worst-case scenario, be hacked by an unauthorized party.

Employees, for example, could end up working with missing or partial information, reducing efficiency and production. Unsecured papers can be a compliance risk and, as a result, a financial liability in highly regulated businesses. Compromised documents can provide an even greater security risk, with information getting into the wrong hands.

What exactly is a Document Management System (DMS)?

Organizations can use document management systems to put all business systems online, overcoming the limits of paper-based operations. Furthermore, they provide a more organized alternative to simple file management systems, enhancing security, collaboration, and connectivity between processes and apps.

The most typical medium for the exchange of business information is a document. All business papers are printed on standard-sized paper, including invoices, contracts, bills of materials, and purchase orders. Document management systems bring structure and uniformity to these laborious operations.

10 Reasons why all businesses today should have a Document Management System

Easy Accessibility

With more people working from home and a surge in deskless workers, it is vital that employees have access to certain papers and regulations even when they are not in the office. In fact, 77% of business owners demand remote access to their information. Having your documents online in your workplace can save you a significant amount of time and hassle. Document management systems eliminate the need for time-consuming filing of paper documents by offering document control with the touch of a mouse. Your digital workplace may smoothly link technologies with helpful business apps by assisting your workers in completing activities.

Boosts Employee Productivity

With document problems accounting for 21% of productivity loss, more businesses are realizing the importance of implementing a new document management strategy that electronically converts active files and manages them through a secure document management platform. Uploading, revising, and sharing documents takes half the time, allowing employees to be more productive and, as a result, more efficient. Having a DMS allows your employees to digitally store all of their papers in one location, which can be accessed via any computer, as well as mobile devices in the case of solutions like Folderit.

Employees are kept up to date

It is vital that your employees are kept informed of any new announcements, documents, or policies. Businesses can keep their workers up to date with a document management system by putting key documents or policies on their social timelines that they want their employees to see.

Enhances Security

Document management platforms assist in keeping all of your company’s information safe and secure, particularly any critical data that could jeopardize your organization. You can have complete control over the files that individual employees are authorized to view and when they can access them if you opt to use a DMS to handle your company papers. You can also limit the amount of information that different employees and departments have access to.

Make Workspaces Less Cluttered

Why clutter up your office with paper and physical files when you might have everything on a cloud-based DMS? 7.5% of all paper documents are lost anyway. A safe document management plan might help you avoid losing papers. Document management solutions can not only free up office space but also improve the efficiency of your business processes by offering a secure area to keep your data.

Simple Uploads

Document management solutions facilitate record management and document uploading. Employees can upload content using drag and drop, multiple file uploads, or file sync. Drag and drop uploads allow users to upload new files by simply dragging files from their desktop into their online browser. This saves time and allows you to upload many files at the same time.

Allows for real-time feedback

One of the most significant features of a document management system is the ability to provide real-time feedback, comments, and knowledge sharing. Commentary is an important component of cooperation and increasing connectedness throughout the firm; therefore, having a DMS with MS Office integrations allows users to speak with their colleagues via commenting on documents. Commenting enables numerous individuals to work on a document at the same time, giving them a space to contribute to the content and improve the document.

Improves Communication

Having a document management platform in place encourages employees to collaborate and communicate quickly and easily, especially across departments and remote locations. Businesses can collaborate on projects more easily and efficiently when they can access and share documents through a DMS.


It can be tough to manage every single company document responsibly. This is due to the fact that different types of organizations have varied compliance standards that must be met. Some of these criteria are tough because they come with their own set of privacy and security restrictions that must be strictly adhered to. A document management system can make this process easier by allowing you to automate certain activities for specific files. This protects your company from any legal issues that may arise as a result of non-compliance while also making it easier for you to categorize each document.

File Management and Organization

Your document management software should provide a sophisticated OCR search feature for quick file and document organization. Furthermore, file management should be done keeping file management best practices in mind.

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