As the world rapidly frees itself from dependency on paper, we demand more of our secure document sharing platforms. If the most secure option available to a business is a series of free solutions with third-party security add-ons, then document sharing is no longer simple, it becomes another job.

However, with Folderit’s Secure Document Sharing platform, you don’t need to worry about security or complexity anymore.

Folderit offers secure document sharing software 

Folderit is kept secure behind a 256-bit bank-level encryption that effectively renders it impregnable against any form of tampering. Moreover, all communication is sent and received using SSL Encryption. Folderit keeps your document safe from any unauthorized access. 

All users are connected to our cloud storage backed up in three different locations, keeping them safe from any potential disaster. Such assurances are not possible if your documents are stored on a single server/location.

Folderit extends this sense of security to its Microsoft Office 365 integrated solution (separate subscription needed) as well as the newly implemented DocuSign feature that lets you digitally sign document, making it highly function on top of being a highly secure document sharing solution.

Why share documents online?

Instead of relying on bulletin boards, cumbersome e-mail chains, or some instant messaging solution, if the target audience is selected precisely through Folderit’s user groups and permission management features you can select which users are granted what level of access to which documents/folders and said users can set up whether or not they want to be notified of such updates. 

Folderit is ubiquitous as it is accessible through any web-enabled device from anywhere in the world with a working connection to the internet. It is just as accessible from a mid-range smartphone as is it from a high-end workstation. 

Sharing documents through this mechanism improves a business’ ability to become more productive, cost-effective, and efficient.

It aids project management 

Almost all businesses are focused on or around:

  • Getting clients
  • Increase revenue
  • Decrease expenses
  • Optimize human resource
  • Boost sales/subscriptions

To name a few priorities. To effectively pull this off, project planning and management is done to optimize all facets of a project to ensure it goes off without a hitch. This is carried out by a project manager. The entire efficiency of the project hinges on the project manager’s ability to effectively and timely communicate with their teams to explain to them what and why. In modern times, when remote teams are all the rage, this is even more efficient. 

Using Folderit’s audit-log, managers can verify who has accessed their published document, and when, quantifying communication efficiency. 

Sharing online doesn’t make a clutter

The biggest problem with any form of online storage is that the longer one uses it, the bigger a mess it turns into unless efficient file management is carried out each time. However, with the use of tags, metadata, additional metadata, you can easily sift through your files without the worry of manually sorting them out. Moreover, through OCR search (Optical Character Recognition) that helps you locate files or folders even if their content is read-only (like images, scans, PDF files, etc.) so you don’t have to worry about missing files. 

Also, Folderit allows a single-file upload as big as 90GB, which is an ideal use-case for businesses handling RAW 4K/8K footage, animations, big-data analytics, etc.  

Document sharing is better if secure

Documents like approved building plans cannot be trusted with free file sharing solutions as they can only provide security while you are within their platform, that is uploading, storing, and downloading. However, for most of the solutions that provide secure transfer, you cannot interact with the file in any way in that secure environment. The only way to do it would be to download the file, work on it and then share it with the recipient again. This limits collaboration, security, and integrity as any versioning will need to be done manually. 

However, with Folderit, the entire process takes place in a secure environment and all collaboration is managed from within the platform.


People prefer to share documents, especially business documents as quickly, securely, and with as little friction as possible, especially over the internet. While some solutions offer a combination of the above, none offer them all in a neat little price package as Folderit. 

If you want to experience Folderit’s Secure Document Sharing, sign-up now for a free 30-Day trial.