Document organizer for scanned documents

Document organizer for scanned documents

Let me share a few thoughts about a scanned document organizer. Even in this digital age, not all business records can begin in electronic format. Invoices, lists, documents, blueprints and more might begin their life as paper copies. Over time, all that paper adds up. It requires filing cabinets or similar storage – or does it?

Your Scanned Document Organizer

Folderit cloud document management system can easily handle your scanned document storage. First, the document is scanned and saved — see the list of our recommended smartphone scanner apps. But too often those documents are saved as something that looks like: a00b1456.pdf. If you are looking for a record or a receipt, having to search through several lists of these to find the document needed makes it nearly useless.

Folderit makes your scanned documents locatable

That is where Folderit will truly shine as your scanned document organizer. You can rename your documents to something useful, such as “Zelma Smith_2018_3_4.” You can increase the identification by adding tags to the document. For example, you might have added the following tags: computer repair; customer receipt; accounts receivable. This makes the document identifiable, as well as easy to locate. You could further identify it by placing it in a folder titled something like, “Computers, Customer service.” The document could be cross-referenced in lists, spreadsheets, or similar documents that might be located in a different folder, just to make sure that it doesn’t get lost in a Folderit’s folder system. Oh, and you can try it for free.

Uses of a Scanned Document Organizer

The first and most obvious use of a scanned document organizer is to make it possible to quickly and easily find needed documents. By naming the document something recognizable, placing it in an appropriate system folder, and then adding tags, the usefulness of scanning the document is increased immeasurably. But that is not the only advantage of scanning your paper documents.

Let’s suppose you are a delivery person. By carrying a tablet or similar device that’s connected to the home office via Wi-Fi or telephone, you can check for the address, billing amount, or other details about the invoice quickly and efficiently. There is no waiting for someone to answer the phone, to then look up the information, and to then relay it back to you – often with an irritated customer glaring at you impatiently.

Or imagine that you are a workman who has been assigned a small part of a building project. When you arrive on site, you realize that the materials you have been given, and the space allotted are a poor match for the specifications you have received. You can quickly locate the master blueprints, compare them to the description of the job, and determine whether you need to call in and ask about this assignment, or whether you missed something when reading your original order.

Save Money and Time with Folderit Scanned Document Organizer

Scanned documents can be added to your existing Folderit cloud storage plan easily and seamlessly. No additional software is necessary – you will simply use the folder, metadata, and tagging inherent in Folderit to identify the documents and to place them in a storage area that is readily accessible by parties who will need the information. If desired, the originals can be stored in a secure location – especially if those originals are important documents such as blueprints, deeds or contracts. Lesser documents can safely be destroyed to free up space and eliminate the fire hazard represented by large stacks of paper in any sort of storage area.

Space has become a valuable commodity. Scanning documents and storing them in digital format allows the elimination of rooms dedicated to filing cabinets. That space can then be used in some other manner – such as adding offices or workspaces, or even classrooms that can be used for better productivity.

Secure and Convenient

While no system is ever one hundred percent secure, Folderit takes steps to ensure the best security possible for your documents. We use a system that backs up all files three times, and our cloud storage for your documents of all sorts is encrypted to help prevent cyber vandalism. Folders, metadata, and tags make locating your information a matter of moments, rather than hours – and can be done from anywhere with an Internet connection.