Internet document management provides a way for entrepreneurs, writers, scientists and others to communicate and collaborate. Thanks to encryption and similarly advanced techniques, documents can be stored with excellent security.

Internet Online Document Management

Internet Online Document Management

Characteristics of Internet Document Management

Internet document management often includes decentralized storage of material. Materials are backed up to diverse locations in ways that ensure that all backups are current, and but that allows storage of an earlier version, as well. Storing earlier versions as well as current versions provides a chance that an uncorrupted version of the material is available in the event of a virus. Furthermore, during collaborative processes, sometimes it is advisable to return to an earlier version of a document to ensure that no relevant information is lost. Everyone who has permissions to access materials can do so from anyplace at any time. Internet document management is usually organized as a file system, allowing like items to be placed together, as well as offering means of labeling and creating metadata that will make it easier to locate relevant items even if they are not stored in the same folders. 


By creating duplicate backups at various locations, your information is never location dependent. In the event of local vandalism or physical events such as fires, flood, or other natural disasters, this means that your information is safe. Services with automatic backups are best, but you can also hedge your bets by downloading and saving copies of your files to a detached storage item, such as an external hard drive. These have become conveniently small and portable, making it easy to store one or two locally without taking up much space.

Access Permissions

It is easy to limit access to certain files simply by giving specific access permissions to the people who need the information contained in that folder. For example, you might give uploading permissions to workers. The data in the digital forms the workers use are then transferred to a spreadsheet that is either held or duplicated in a different folder, which is accessed only by the recordkeeping staff.


People who are working together on a project might share their documents in a shared folder that allows them to access and comment on work contained in that folder. They might have permissions that grant them uploading, downloading and editing of versions of their documents. 


It would be a mistake to assume that any document that is accessed through the Internet is 100% secure, but encryption can protect from casual intrusion by the moderately skilled. There is nothing more frustrating than having to reinstall just about everything because of a malicious or mischievous intrusion into your digital space. This is, however, the reason for keeping two or three generations of backups stored on a device that is not connected to the Internet. Encryption is an excellent preventative measure to keep from having to rely on an older generation of your materials.

Internet Document Management Providers

Internet document management providers are away from the hazards of online digital storage, and take appropriate measures to protect your information and your programs. Companies such as Folderit use a back it up three times method to protect your information’s integrity. They also use state-of-the-art encryption to prevent intrusions for any reason. 

Signature Tracking

An added perk of using an online folder system for document storage is the addition of communication, including tracking documents or processes that require various team members to sign off on them. No more worries about whether that important document is stuck on the mail cart in the hallway while investors wait impatiently, no tying up one employee’s time to walk a document down the hall for signatures, and amazingly increased efficiency with this process.

Internet document management brings far more solutions to the table than problems. It helps eliminate time-consuming (and possibly non-productive) meetings and makes communication and collaboration easy. When you invest in a subscription to a data management cloud for your company, you can expect to engage professionals at handling things such as encryption and backups for your information, as well as receiving technical support for any problems that might arise. Decentralized backups help protect your data from vandalism or disasters.