Document management system for small businessIt’s easy to see why a digital document management system beats the traditional paper system.  Spending even one day chasing down a misplaced or misfiled page, photocopying, filing, delivering to the entire team, or trying to recover documents lost in a fire or flood would be persuasive enough to cause most people to make the switch to a paperless office.

But why is online document management better than storing digital data in your computer system’s hard drive or in an external storage system?  Well, by keeping your digital documents only on your computer or local server exposes you to several risks: system failure, flood, fire, burglary or just simply risking unauthorized viewing.

Furthermore, what would happen if you needed to produce a document for a potential client while out of the office?  Could your mobile device access the files in your hard drive?  No, it couldn’t, and you would run the risk of losing that client!

Also, the hosting solutions’ costs are on the rise, the software that you need to install for your usual document management systems is out-of-date even tomorrow and and off-site workers have no robust way to access your coporate documents.

Imagine the time and money you could save by tapping into a document management system like Folderit.  Instead of chasing down documents, you could be chasing down new clients or developing creative new advertising!
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