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Choosing a secure password

Password Choosing Best Practices

Kent October 28, 2019

There was a time when it was okay to use the easiest-to-remember password, such as your first name or simple words like “password”, qwerty, or even “pizza”. Then hackers came along and a lot of people lost data, money, and privacy online.  According to a Verizon data breach investigation report, 81% of successful data breaches […]


The Growth of the Enterprise Document Management Systems Market

Kent October 14, 2019

That the demand for enterprise document management systems will increase should not come as a surprise to anyone.  If you live in a country that has Internet, your information is probably already entered in an amazing array of document management systems. If you are a businessperson, you are already acutely aware of the value (and […]

3 Cloud Storage Privacy Issues That SMBs Should Be Careful Of

Mari Laatre September 24, 2019
Mari Laatre,

It’s crucial in this day and age for many people to have access to some sort of cloud storage. In a world that’s becoming increasingly more digital, for SMBs specifically, having online access to files and data is an important part of communication and smooth-running operations.  Having said that, such a dependency on cloud storage […]

Folderit document management system share expiration

Update: Expiration for Sharing, Folder-based Metadata Templating and Customizable Columns

Kent July 3, 2019

An update to Folderit DMS is now live and includes three new functions: setting expiration date to your sharing, Folder-level metadata templating and ability to change the default columns in the file list view.

Folderit & Upstream Solutions - Australian DMS

Press Release: Upstream Solutions – Folderit’s Exclusive Reseller Partner in Australia

Kent May 29, 2019

Folderit Cloud-Based Document Management System Comes To Australia Thanks to Partnership with Upstream Solutions

preview-only document management

Introducing Preview-only permission

Kent May 25, 2019

There are times when you only want someone to be able to see a PDF, Word document or an image and not even give them an ability to download the files. For times like that the newly released Preview-only feature in Folderit DMS is exactly what you need!

Audit Trails Logs Document Management System

Audit Trails Provide Accountability

Mari Laatre May 20, 2019
Mari Laatre,

Ask any team manager about the struggles of having a comprehensive overview of file history and an understanding of everyone’s actions with it and they will admit (through clenched teeth) that it can be a frustrating problem. 

Document management for Windows

Document Management for Windows

Kent April 24, 2019

Document management for Windows is somewhat built into any PC that is running Windows, especially if Office 365 is part of the package. Users can create folders, sort documents and save them in a specific way so that they can be found later. 

Essential Business Software

Essential Business Software

Mari Laatre September 4, 2018
Mari Laatre,

Essential business functions are not so very different today from the needs of the past. The biggest changes have been the speed with which everything needs to take place and the use of software for the various operations.

Cloud Storage with Version Control

Cloud Storage with Version Control

Kent August 19, 2018

Cloud storage with version control can make a big difference in preventing loss of information. Too often, cloud storage or backup storage overwrites previous information.