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Document Storage Services

Document Storage Services

Mari Laatre June 2, 2020
Mari Laatre,

Companies that deal with large volumes of local/offline data can attest to the fact that data management can be a logistics nightmare. Storing your documents on a Network, Portable HDD, USB Thumb drives, R/RW Blu-ray Discs, etc. means you are at risk of theft, physical damage, fire damage, human error, or even random acts of […]

Central Location for Managing and Sharing Documents

Central Location for Managing and Sharing Documents

Kent May 5, 2020

Any business that handle large volumes of data can appreciate the value of having a central location for managing and sharing documents. It saves time, money, and a lot of heartache. Folderit provides you with a robust, yet versatile document management platform.

Litigation document management system

Litigation Document Management Software

Kent May 2, 2020

Accountability in the court of law is the defining aspect of a civilized society. Proper documentation, or lack thereof, can make or break a case. Having Folderit as your Litigation document management software is critical in ensuring that you have a reliable and secure digital partner for all your documentation needs.

storing important documents online

How to Store Important Documents Online

Mari Laatre April 24, 2020
Mari Laatre,

How to Store Important Documents Online If you are still storing your important personal and financial documents in a shoebox under your bed or on a shelf at workplace, you seriously need to reconsider and upgrade your document storage practices. 

Cloud Storage vs Local Storage - Which is the Better

Cloud Storage vs Local Storage: Which is the Better Option?

Kent April 20, 2020

Cloud Storage vs Local Storage: Which is the Better Option? Cloud document storage technology has really taken off in the last few years. The technology offers a more secure and easy to access data storage solution especially for businesses looking for a more efficient, agile, and flexible way to store important business files and documents.

Difference Between DOC and DOCX

Difference Between DOC and DOCX: Which Should You Use?

Mari Laatre April 15, 2020
Mari Laatre,

Difference Between DOC and DOCX: Which Should You Use? If you use Microsoft Word application, which is a part of the Microsoft Office suite, then you definitely know about DOC and DOCX file formats. 

7 Benefits of Cloud Storage for Small Businesses

Kent April 10, 2020

Cloud services provide an effective, convenient, and safer method of storing digital data, especially for small businesses.  While most SMEs typically depend on their in-house servers to store their constantly growing number of files, documents, and folders, a majority of small businesses are now realizing the benefits of transferring their data storage needs to the […]

Remote working software

How Businesses Can Benefit from Remote Work Solutions and Tools

Mari Laatre March 19, 2020
Mari Laatre,

Are you planning on implementing a remote working strategy for your business? If so, you are not alone. Remote work has become quite popular nowadays, especially in the face of unplanned regular work interruptions that we are currently seeing such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the ever-increasing costs of running a business in a single […]

Choosing a secure password

Password Choosing Best Practices

Kent October 28, 2019

There was a time when it was okay to use the easiest-to-remember password, such as your first name or simple words like “password”, qwerty, or even “pizza”. Then hackers came along and a lot of people lost data, money, and privacy online.  According to a Verizon data breach investigation report, 81% of successful data breaches […]


The Growth of the Enterprise Document Management Systems Market

Kent October 14, 2019

That the demand for enterprise document management systems will increase should not come as a surprise to anyone.  If you live in a country that has Internet, your information is probably already entered in an amazing array of document management systems. If you are a businessperson, you are already acutely aware of the value (and […]