Share Files Online Securely
Share Files Online Securely

One can share files online about a thousand different ways, social media, email, instant messaging, etc. How to share files online securely, however, is a different question. 

The goal is to send a document from one end to another in its entirety without anyone else getting unauthorized access to it in the process, or even afterwards. The internet is full of free end-to-end encrypted solutions, however, there are always trade-offs. Do we really want trade-offs when it comes to security?

Free is complex, complex is unsafe

Despite being encrypted end-to-end, i.e. encrypted at sender’s, and decrypted at receiver’s end. Free solutions come with trade-offs. You are either sacrificing functionality or accessibility, or, the worst-case scenario, security. There is nothing preventing unauthorized access to your data after it has been received as you are entrusting multiple systems to be secure throughout this transaction. That is a complex web with many weak spots between transactions. 

Numerous mass-password and private photo leaks in the past should warn us of the pitfalls of relying on cloud storage solutions. It has taught us to share files online securely. You are protected only by the password. 

Folderit’s cloud-based document management solution keeps your data protected under 256-bit bank-level encryption that is triple-backed up securely. When a file is to be transferred, it is protected under secure SSL encryption.

Being a document management solution, Folderit is more than secure, it is practical. You can set it up such that an entire folder is visible publicly, while limiting certain files or even subfolders to a select few users.

To share a file, all you need is a web-enabled device with a working connection. No apps, no stored data on your smartphone, just a web-based solution. This opens you up geographically. All accounts are set up with a hyper-secure email server through which you can add files securely as an alternative to regular uploaded files.

If you would rather not “send” a document at all, you could just upload the document to Folderit and authorize your recipient to access that document. That way, once uploaded, the file never has to move. On top of all that, Folderit creates audit trails and notifications so you know full well who has had access to your files and when.

Folderit also facilitates a custom password policy which can enforce password lengths as well as how frequently they will change. Folderit is committed to ensure the safety of your documents and files. 

How to share files online securely and collaborate?

We already touched on how sharing documents and folders with your team(s) can be made possible through Folderit, let’s talk about how you can turn this into an entire collaborative environment. 

You can create profiles for individuals as well as groups to share content with. Folderit lets you easily set up a hierarchical system and use multiple levels of permissions, granting control to varying levels of access to certain users, both within your organization as well as outside. 

The collaborative environment is further optimized through the use of approval workflows. If you need to send someone a secure document after approvals, then Folderit facilitates that for you. 

There can be confusion and delays in individual and electronic approvals due to missed notifications and misplaced files. Folderit’s online documents management system makes the approval process efficient and transparent. Folderit facilitates the process by allowing you to invite multiple individuals to view, approve and add comments on a particular document; either all at once, or in a hierarchy. These documents, along with the approval comments, can be retained for a predefined period of time ranging from days to years.


Folderit was ranked “The Most User-Friendly Online Document Management System for Small Business and Organisations”, by the world’s biggest software catalogue Capterra. This is because not only do we understand how to share files online securely, but we appreciate that this isn’t the only thing one needs to do. There needs to exist a convenient, easy-to-use, yet secure mechanism to manage all your files and folders. That’s where Folderit comes in. 

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