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The more a business grows, the longer a paper trail it leaves. However, paperwork piles up to the point where it starts costing money to maintain and manage. What if you could have the peace of mind granted from a piece of paper, without any of the hassle? Here is how Folderit can help you go paperless with cloud document management in 2020.

Businesses that rely on paper do so for the following reasons:

  1. Nobody can hack into a piece of paper
  2. Fax machines are still used in some businesses (believe it or not!)
  3. Medical practices are not globally connected, and paperwork helps transition between clinics/hospitals
  4. A physical record is still required by law in certain situations

Going paperless with cloud document management means reduced clutter 

Despite the assurance that a piece of paper is absolute and final, the time put into locating it offsets any peace of mind it buys you. It also bumps up your cost of doing business in storage costs and you lose precious time trying to locate content. 

Small and medium sized law firms, medical practices, stores, and other businesses that have not yet gone paperless know full-well the headache associated with sifting through mountains of paperwork to fetch even a single document. No matter how well-organized a paper-based system is, it still loses time and effort in the act of physically accessing the storage and retrieving the intended document.

However, when going paperless with a cloud document management solution, only a few clicks will get you access to whatever document you need. This means you have immediate and efficient access, and you don’t have to physically locate the content yourself. 

Given that Folderit lets you access your content securely from any web-enabled device with a working connection from anywhere in the world, means you don’t have to carry physical documents around anymore.

Search to Find

Speaking of locating content, the biggest challenge with even the most organized paper-based document management system is that there is no way of knowing what is written on the document without physically reading it. Even if you are able to guess the contents of the document perfectly, you will need to repeat the process until all related documents are fetched and read. 

However, when going paperless using a cloud document management solution, you can have instant access to your entire library. You can add metadata, as well as custom metadata to your files to give yourself as much context as possible for when you have to locate said documents. Not only that, Folderit also searches the contents of the documents, to help you find your intended documents as efficiently as possible.

To take things a step further, Folderit’s search features Optical Character Recognition (OCR). It also lets you search through read-only content such as PDF files, Scans, Images, etc. and find precisely what you are looking for. This cuts down on time spent sifting through physical documents.

Safe and Secure

The entire appeal of a physical-only copy has been the peace of mind that paper cannot be hacked in to. However, a physical document is only as safe as the location it is kept in. If some calamity were to occur on or around the physical location of a stored document, its fate immediately becomes uncertain. Even if you could somehow prevent it from unexpected calamity (which is already impossible) your document starts decaying as soon as it is created. 

By going paperless with cloud document management if your digital documents are backed up in triplicate at different locations, you can rest assured that your documents are going to be safe from calamity. However, that’s just safe. To keep things secure, Folderit provides 256-bit bank-level encryption coupled with all transaction secured through SSL encryption ensuring that no unauthorized eyes will be on your content. Folderit also allows for collaboration between teams while enforcing varying degrees of access and it connects with Microsoft Office 365 to become the ultimate productivity tool. That means you are secure, safe, accessible, and productive in one location.


Going paperless in 2020 is a necessity, it is healthy for the environment, it is efficient on space and saves on storage and potential damage costs. Make the switch today to Folderit.

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