efficient DMS can make traveling unnecessary

While things were bleak in 2020, there were a handful of upsides. If being quarantined by COVID for a whole year taught us anything, it was that technology helped humanity get through an entire year without immediate collapse of civilization.

While some businesses went under, many found new ways to stay afloat. Video chat replaced physical meetings, and operations continued to run online. So, we ask, why would any business rely on travel anymore? To that end, it is our understanding that an efficient DMS can make traveling unnecessary for small and medium businesses.

Why travel?

Traditionally, businesses have required travel for the following scenarios:

  • Visiting customers and/or suppliers
  • Physical meetings at other company locations
  • Conferences, trade shows, conventions, or networking events
  • Physical marketing
  • Evaluating physical location
  • Installing physical equipment

The above listed reasons are a notable few for businesses to necessitate travel. 

Always Available

The first problem with being remote is that you are completely slave to your internet connection. The upside is that major metropolitan areas offer nearly uninterrupted super high-speed service with practically negligible outages.

Folderit offers 99.97% uptime, which is virtually uninterrupted. Being that it is a cloud-based solution it is backed up in triplicate in different servers, making Folderit, and your content impervious to physical damage, a risk you would not be protected against when working on a physical server.

Additionally, Folderit is ubiquitous. All you need to get complete access to your content is a web enabled device with a working internet connection. You will have just as much access from an iPhone in the Caribbean, as you will from a powerful mainframe in Boston without taking a hit on performance.

Smooth Workflow

You can set up Folderit to notify you via email for when certain actions have taken place, such as when a file has been accessed, updated, or approved. The approval workflow is designed to optimize and accelerate the time between SOPs, Approvals, and general red tape.

Folderit supports user groups that lets you grant certain users, or groups of users varying degrees of rights to make content accessible to the right people, while also respecting stakeholders’ right to the information, but preventing unwarranted intervention. This might sound complex, but Folderit accomplish this within a few clicks. With this mechanism, you can ensure that while some files or folders are being worked on, other users might be able to see them as read-only documents, and others will not even be able to see it. 

You can also set it up that while one person is working on a document, everyone else gets locked out of that document with a message displayed on who is working on it at the time.

You can also look through your content quickly, thanks to the powerful OCR-enabled search feature in Folderit that can help you sift through your archive using content, metadata, and even reading read-only content such as scanned documents, PDF files, images, etc.

Secure Operations

The biggest modern concern with anything going online is safety and security. Folderit has that covered as all the content is protected under 256-bit bank level encryption, which would take even the most advanced supercomputer millions of years to crack. Additionally, you can enforce a password policy of your choice throughout the system to make sure you are as safe as you want to be. 

Microsoft Office 365 integration

A huge advantage granted by Microsoft Office 365 (separate subscription required) is that two people can collaborate on a document live as if they were sitting right next to each other. All collaborators get their own cursor, and each user gets their own backup copy, so failure at the user level does not seize the operation. You can collaborate with fellow users on Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. 


If the COVID-19 pandemic had hit us in the 90’s, we would likely still be picking up remnants of whatever way that civilization would have collapsed. However, thanks to modern technology, we were able to educate our children, go shopping, and entertain ourselves without having to leave the safety of our home. Work should be just as easy.

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