Document Management for Pharmaceutical Industry

Document Management for Pharmaceutical Industry

Nowhere will you find a more essential function than document management for pharmaceutical. Whether the focus is on research and development of new medicines, pharmaceuticals for hospitals or medicines dispensed from your local family pharmacy, staying on top of the various supplies, compounds and items dispensed is essential. Pharmaceuticals often include controlled substances, intended to be used only under physician’s care.

The pharmaceutical industry is complex, ranging from large industrial companies down to local herbalists who grow their own products. It encompasses compounding medicines, learning new ways to help people heal or to remain well, and supporting the patient with good information.

Electronic Document Management System for Pharmaceutical Industry

Cloud storage for project documents facilitates the collaboration and the exchange of ideas between those who are working on new medicines or testing old ones. By placing documents in a folder and sharing only with those who are involved in the various processes, information is passed on a need-to-know basis. Deadlines can be set, and workflow communication is made easy through email notification. If a document requires approval or a set of signatures before moving forward with a process, it can be sent, read and either approved or disapproved in a matter of minutes.

DMS for Pharmaceutical Marketing

Like all business products, pharmaceuticals require a market. This might include hospitals, clinics, individual doctors or neighborhood pharmacies. These middle markets then dispense medicines to individual consumers. As you might imagine, this requires creating a paper trail, particularly for powerful medicines that can have side effects or, let us say this very softly, might have value on the black market as recreational drugs. Even if you do not normally deal with medicine at this level, if you’ve ever purchased a cough syrup for which you had to sign the pharmacies poison book, then you know exactly what’s being discussed here. Invoices, bills of lading, sales reports and more take on extra significance when tracking such items.

Storing Documents

Cloud storage for your important documents can improve your ability to track these items, to replace supplies as needed, and to create any needed reports as to who purchased them and for what purpose they were prescribed. An encrypted storage, while it might not stop all hackers in their tracks, will at least slow them down. Our triple backup system adds an extra layer of security for your files. You can also download a copy at any time and store it in an offline, secure location.

Getting the Right Products to the Right People

While you might not think it, your neighborhood pharmacy is part of the pharmaceutical industry. It is, in every sense of the word, the retail outlet for the big pharmaceutical production companies – sometimes referred to as “big pharm.” The local doctor examines the patient, comes up with a diagnosis, and sends a prescription request to the pharmacy. The patient drives or walks to the pharmacy, receives the medicine, and pays for it. Every transaction concerning the medication needs to be tracked, even if it is something as seemingly innocuous as aspirin or throat lozenges.

Maintaining Confidentiality

Confidentiality is an essential part of using and maintaining an electronic document management system for pharmaceutical industry. From permits and storage of regulated materials to protection of patient records, secure storage is essential. Patent and copyright protection of worker and company materials are definitely a part of this. But even more important is HIPAA, a patient’s right to privacy concerning medical procedures. Folderit’s cloud storage system allows you to set up systems that protect patient information, while still making it accessible both to the patient and to the doctor. By inviting only those with a need-to-know to the folder containing the patient’s records, his or her files are shielded from prying eyes with 256-bit encryption. It is also a great way to protect yourself from the awful crypto-ransomware.

New Applications

Pharmaceutical data is not just about prescriptions and invoices. A novel use of electronic records has recently included a pill that will check the chemical contents of a patient’s stomach or bloodstream, and using wireless technology, report to the doctor whether that patient has or has not taken his or her medicine. This one walks a narrow path between efficiency and invasion of privacy, so you can see how important security can be in this case.

Ideal for Small Labs and Community Pharmacies

Folderit’s easy-to-use system (in fact it has won the title of the Most User-Friendly DMS in the World) is ideal for small labs and community pharmacies. It is easy to add or rename folders, to designate people who will take part in a project, and to track information from start to finish using our system. Just assign metadata describing a document, along with tags that will make it easy to cross-reference, and you can pull up Mrs. Smith’s prescription history at any time she requests it. In fact, if she has been added to the folder, she can pull up her own account information for herself.

Rounding Up Ideas about Electronic Document Management for Pharmaceutical 

Electronic document management for pharmaceutical industry is an intricate and involved system. From the laboratories where the medications are formulated to the pharmacists dispensing prescription and non-prescription medicines to customers, and even the customers themselves, there is a need for continuity, privacy, and accuracy.

By using a well-designed folder system in a cloud storage environment, you have the tools to take care of all the aspects of managing your pharmaceutical operation – whether it is a university laboratory, a commercial lab, a hospital, doctor’s office or neighborhood pharmacy. Folderit provides flexibility, sustainability, backups, and more for your business operations.

Need to track a process or product? It’s easy. Our product flow tools, along with metadata and tags promote continuity and ease of use.

More than that, Folderit is scalable from the one-person office to a complex collaborative project and is adjustable to most budgets. We understand how important it is to keep good records, to maintain confidentiality, and to gauge project progress at any level of the pharmaceutical industry. We also understand how important it is the health of people all around the world.