Document Controlling System

Welcome to Folderit – the most user-friendly document controlling system in the world and your all-in-one solution for cloud-based document management.

Get the organisation you need without needing to navigate all those extra features you’ll never use. Our solution is built for your business needs whether big or small. This document control system is built for the 21st century, giving you versatility, security and the essential services you need to make your business or project the most efficient it can be. Store, review, and manage all your documents in one easy place, share with confidence, and put your team a step ahead.

Benefits of a Document Controlling System

Why implement a document controlling system? With remote work becoming more and more common, you need a way to co-ordinate between team members, departments, and your clients. Folderit allows you to share, store, and review your documents simultaneously with your team. Collect comments, signatures, and track revisions all in one place. Our document control system allows you to set up your system your way by assigning custom user roles, organising your interface to suit your team needs, and keep track of document changes with custom notifications and workflow set ups. Folderit ensures you’re in control from concept to completion.

Your Next Document Control System Solution

Folderit is the modern solution for document control system in businesses and organisations large and small. In addition to friendly customer support, and accessible resources for you to get the most out of your team’s valuable time, we offer many other benefits included in all of our plans.

User-Friendliness in DCS

We offer document control built for the 21st century – and that starts with your experience. From clean, easy-to-navigate interfaces to customisation and powerful built in search tools, Folderit is designed with you in mind. Our user-first approach includes the features you need and want without hiding them in things you’ll never use. Customise your interface to access your most used tools and documents and stop wasting time wading through the extras. 

Other ways we’re increasing usability:

  • Modern, easy to customise interface
  • Powerful OCR search built-in – search from the content of documents, PDFs and images all in one go
  • Support from our friendly team of experts
  • Accessible tutorials and blogs to help you get the most out of your system

Versatile Document Control

Versatility is the buzzword of today’s on-the-go business culture. Folderit is committed to keeping you connected no matter where you are. From a variety of sharing options to tools to optimise your workflow, Folderit’s document control system has you covered.

  • Keep your team connected by setting up sub-accounts, roles, and inboxes for all your teams and departments 
  • Access your documents from anywhere with mobile friendly interfaces, and have the added peace of mind of local backup options so you can work through any disruptions
  • Share your documents, sections or even your entire account with other users, or through a public link – no matter how you share, you stay in control

Staying Organised

Running a business means you’ve got a lot going on. Get the document control system that makes keeping it all straight simple, efficient, and straight-forward. From individual inboxes, audit flows and notifications of changes to associated files and metadata management, Folderit makes it easy to keep everything in its proper place. 

  • Use audit flow to track changes in documents, and review previous file versions with ease
  • Take advantage of dedicated email addresses for each of your custom roles
  • Set up reminders so you never miss another deadline
  • Approval workflow allows you to collect comments and changes from multiple sources – in a designated order or all at once


Folderit takes your document security seriously. Using bank-grade encryption, your documents are protected and triple-backed up to ensure the utmost security for your sensitive information. All information is accessed through an SSL layer. Remain in control by setting password requirements for individual user groups and roles, and remain confident that your information is as secure as it can be.

Final Words

Folderit has a plan for all your document control system needs, big and small. Try free for 14 days, and experience the simplicity and security for yourself. In addition to our document control system, be sure to check out the blog for tutorials and insights into the uses and advantages of document management and other cloud solutions for everyone from small businesses to large organisations. Our team is happy to help you with any questions you may have – let us help you build your optimal document management system.