Document Collaboration Tool 

Whether you’re a business or contractor, you need an effective document collaboration tool to help you stay productive and organized across your entire stream of activities.

According to Salesforce, 86% of employees and executives claim that the lack of collaboration or ineffective communication leads to workplace failures.

Building a collaborative work culture through the cloud can help you break barriers in your business. In fact, 97% of 1,400 corporate executives, business owners, and educators believe that a company’s tendency to miss deadlines due to a lack of project management and poor document sharing can directly affect their bottom-line. So, if your business suffers in the collaboration department, you could be losing out on profit. 

That’s why today we’re going to give you a comprehensive break down on how Folderit can help you create a space where your employees can collaborate when needed and create dynamic workgroups so that you can stimulate productivity, innovation, and engagement across your entire organization.

Collaborative Document Sharing

Collaborative Document Sharing is a deep-rooted practice that dates all the way back to 1968. Coined by Douglas Engelbart, the concept presented was known as “The Mother of All Demos.” 

However, where it was once a novelty, today, it’s becoming a widespread practice to use a document sharing tool to foster better efficiency and organization throughout all stages of a given business. 

Collaborative sharing is a file or folder that anyone can share, access, and edit in real-time. A collaborative document can come in many different formats, such as a text file, PDF, or even a video. And it’s also a common practice for modern organizations to perform day-to-day operations in a collaborative tool like this, through the use of presentations, memos, and conference rooms. 

With Folderit, you’re getting an intuitive document management system that operates safely and securely through the cloud. You can easily manage, share, and approve documents. Entire accounts can also be easily downloaded or stored individually in files or folders to your local hard drive. You’ll also be able to fully integrate Office 365 to access existing directories and folders and link Folderit with leading organizational suites via our API to further enhance your productivity across the board. This allows you to stop spending hours digging through documents, tracking down changes and revisions, and trying to fish out older versions from an ever-growing pool of information.

Approval Workflow & Automated Retention

According to Finance Online, there is a 50% worker time loss associated with preparing documents. Most professionals spend almost 18 minutes of their time searching for files and sending them for approval. And the lack of proper document management workflow could be detrimental to your business’ overall effectiveness, which could, in turn, lead to loss of revenue. 

If you’re tired of dealing with a constant stream of approvals, whether it’s invoices or applications, you’ll enjoy Folderit’s all-in-one document approval process, which allows users to greenlight documents and add their comments for quicker communication and streamlined resolution. After all, it’s no secret that a proper Document Management System (DMS) can save lots of time and money for your team. 

With a DMS like Folderit, you’ll eliminate misplaced invoices, allowing you to monitor and control outstanding bills, which can increase profits. You can also face management issues when you don’t know when documents are supposed to be retained or not, such as tax files, contractual agreements, or employee personal information. Using a Folderit, you can easily add retention periods to files or folders, which will be automatically shredded based on your settings after they reach a specific period. 

Secure Storage With Flexible Access Controls

As large scale data-breaches become more prevalent in today’s digital world, keeping your documents and files safe is essential for seamless and secure collaboration between people. If your business is facing disruptive data-loss, phishing attacks, or account hijackings, it might be time to consider a cloud document collaboration tool to help you safeguard yourself, your employees, and your customers against the onslaught of digital attacks. 

With Folderit’s secure cloud storage, you’ll be saving your data over a 256-bit AES Encryption connection and advanced firewall, which protects you against any unauthorized attempts to hijack or access that information. A 256-bit AES Encryption adds an extra layer of security, which is significantly more difficult to brute-force compared to other encryption methods. This exact approach was also adopted initially by the Federal Government to protect sensitive information. And the NSA even approved it for top-secret information. 

Here at Folderit, we have datacenters in Ireland and Australia that manage the security of your information, making it safe to access and share across hundreds of team members. With flexible, granular access controls, you’ll be able to manage which user has access to a folder or specific documents. So, you can stop people from reading, modifying, executing, or deleting your files without the necessary permissions. 

You and your team will also have access to your information on all digital devices, making it easy to communicate with other people on the go. So, you won’t have to worry about needing to visit the office or get on strenuous phone calls with your colleagues.

Reminders & Personal Inbox 

According to Quantum Workplace, about 80% of employees indicated that miscommunication occurred in their workplace frequently, and half admitted that they were directly involved in the lack of said communication.

With Folderit, you can take your project management to the next level by sending documents and other attachments straight to your Folderit Inbox. All files sent to Folderit will have the sender, subject and content information in plain text added to its metadata.

With our efficient reminders, you can set notifications at specific dates and times so that you will never miss a document’s deadline. You can also place an unlimited amount of reminders and choose different email addresses as the receiving address. So, you won’t have to deal with any gaps while giving your employees the ability to have meaningful input in a consistent and trackable stream of communication. 

Powerful Search With OCR 

Are you tired of going through gazillion of files and spending hours to find a single document? The most significant productivity loss comes when employees are manually crawling documents while having other tasks on their plate. 

In fact, searching for files costs the average company an additional $3,900 per year per employee. Employees can spend up to 30 minutes each day searching for resources, documents, videos, and spreadsheets. 

We’ve revolutionized your basic search functionalities and storage structures, which allows you to leverage the power of OCR and file association on the cloud when trying to find the documents you need to get the job done. 

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allows your documents, photos, or even screenshots to become searchable by file name, metadata, and even content keywords. With Folderit, all of your documents and business-driving information will become readily available to you, right at your fingertips.

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