Folderit document Control Software for Manufacturing
Document Control Software for Manufacturing

Manufacturing is the bridge that takes us from ideation to practicality. People get bright ideas for fancy inventions all the time, but until we manufacture it and see what has turned up, it won’t be anything more than just an idea.

Folderit can help you automate your entire shop floor, as well as help anyone else involved go completely digital. Using Folderit as Document control Software for manufacturing, you can create a completely paperless shop floor, and ensure compliance with strict industry regulations, by simplifying the documentation process.

Manage Workflows

How the manufacturing process carries out from inception to execution helps us understand that there is a huge market for document control. Folderit can help you solve your documentation challenges easily. With it, you can manage workflows by ensuring everyone in the pipeline has the latest information available to them without having to double-check any information. That means all source files are verified and validated, all outputs and reports are updated and shared accurately. 

The way to achieve that is to create a file, or folder that contains all the necessary files and to grant access to all stakeholders, like lawyers and process owners. If there are people involved who need to have view-only rights, without having them contribute to the process directly, we can grant them such rights. Coupled with audit-trails that maintain access logs and ledgers of which user access which file and for how long, you can also ensure compliance. 

To maintain the necessary transparency from the entire process all you have to do is to make sure all the required people have access to the file and the rest takes care of itself.

For outputs, wherever a ledger is being maintained, they can upload a file to a folder and grant another round of access to the same stakeholders. This will make the whole process much smoother and much more efficient than having to manage each step individually.

Easy to Search

To easily establish a secure, centralized document repository that controls all documents, including standards, customer drawings, processes, etc. you need to have a massive library of files that is easy to sift through. Folderit’s search, powered by OCR, can help you find any file you’re looking for regardless of folder structure or clutter. The search uses data, metadata, as well as read-only content, like text from a scan, image, or PDF file to identify which file is being called upon. Moreover, you can create associated files, e.g., certain files associated with a vendor, that will bring all the files, invoices, orders, etc. along if you call upon only one. This way, you just need the context and everything else will follow along. 


You can even configure file versioning in Folderit, so you can trace a file as it evolves. In case someone makes a change to try out and wishes to revert to an older version, configuring versions will help you get there instead of relying on additional backups. 


Your workflow can also set it up such that any and all approvals are sent via emails to team members notifying them that a document needs to be reviewed. The same goes for any approvals you might want in writing. 

Numbering and Automatic Retention

You can set up your files to follow a numbering convention of your choice. This can make a large volume of files easy to sort. Automatic retention is for when you want to hold a file for a specific period of time, like a source file, or a report etc. then you can put a self-destruct timer on it, that will allow the file to cease to exist once it has been taken over.  


The bank-level security and triple backup means you won’t risk losing files at any time. A single file sized 50 GB can be uploaded at a time, so you can easily handle massive source files for manufacturing. All in all, Folderit is tailor-made to simplify the manufacturing process digitally.

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