Precise documentation can make the difference between winning and losing cases. Large firms can afford to create proprietary software on dedicated servers, meanwhile small to medium sized firms have to rely on antiquated systems to accomplish this task.

The best cloud storage for lawyers should be able to help find documents quickly, while also keeping them secure. 

Document management system for Lawyers

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Cataloging and accessing files as/when needed is one of the biggest concerns of a legal firm. If they use a system that can’t search through files quickly, or requires doubling of efforts in rechecking, it might as well be manual. 

With Folderit, you can make your files easily searchable. Any document that could be of note can be tagged with relevant meta-data for quick access, you can even add custom metadata to be more organized. You can also create associated files where one file can be made part of a group of files (say, for a connected case) whereby you can pull all connected documents at the same time instead of having to locate them each time. 

Moreover using advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology you will be able to locate any file, even if it is read-only, like a PDF file, a scanned document, and/or an image. This feature will help save a lot of time in digitization and cataloging evidence. 

Safe and Secure

Your system can be as advanced as possible but will be entirely useless if is unreliable. Even large-scale organizations can only go so far to protect their physical servers from calamity, damage, theft, or corruption. However, a cloud solution means your server is located in a purpose-built datacenter designed to withstand all manners of calamity, where all your content is backed up in triplicate in different locations.  

It is understandable that a completely paperless and print-free environment might not be entirely feasible, in which case Folderit’s industry-leading fidelity in its document storage can assist you in creating physical backups. That way you can print your digitized documents as/when needed.

Safety is more than just having a reliable system; it also needs to be secure. As much as a physical device is susceptible to damage or unauthorized interference, the cyber world can also be a little scary. That is, unless you are protected with 256-bit encryption while SSL encrypts and protects all connections to and from the datacenter ensuring that nobody can break their way into your document storage even in a trillion years. Additionally, you can even enforce a password policy of your choice. 

Finally, an audit log is created and maintained for every single action any user takes in your system. This means, every file preview, download and change are timestamped and easily traceable.

Access Control

Cloud storage for lawyers

It is almost unheard of for people to work on cases alone, there is always a team dynamic that involves at least a few paralegals and interns pour over old documents. Folderit allows for easy document sharing with multiple permissions for different users or user groups, including Preview-only, with no permission to even download the file. This way you could give your clients limited preview-only access to how things are progressing, while internal departments could have full access to certain other parts that update in real-time. 

You can configure it such that collaborators can work on a document together. 

The upside is that this system is very flexible in how you can access your content. As long as you have access to a web-enabled device with a working internet connection, you will have complete access to your documents, anywhere in the world. 

Additionally, you can avail yourself to the following features.

  1. Dedicate e-mail address – To manage platform specific activities without being flooded.
  2. Automatic Retention – To retain files for a period after which you may configure a file for permanent deletion. 
  3. Notifications – You can set and get automatic notifications for changes in documents, folders, or sections as frequently as you choose.
  4. Multiple Roles – You can set up multiple roles to satisfy your needs. You can set up one for main account, another for pro bono work, and others for activities like marketing, finance, etc.
  5. Supervising Work – You can track changes, approve work from your account without getting in the way of your team. 

All of these make for the best cloud storage for lawyers all packaged into Folderit.

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