Best Online Document Management Vendor

Best Online Document Management Vendor

When it comes to the best online document management, here at Folderit, we believe that our company fits that description. Designed for the small or medium-sized company, we provide services that are perfect for your business. We can, however, scale up to fit a larger business as well.


Scalability isn’t often discussed as part of a business plan, but it should be mentioned. Almost all businesses hope to grow in one way or another. The growth might be in quality rather than quantity, but change for the better is usually part of anyone’s business plan. Because online document management is easy to reorganize or enlarge, it makes scalability a breeze. 

Ease of Access

For your staff members who have been granted identification and passwords for your system, the files for which they have permissions can be accessed from any location at any time. All they need is a device that can tap into the Internet. This means that there is no such thing as being out of touch with your staff – which can be extremely handy if there’s an emergency or even for those finicky little detail questions that can arise from times to time. Work from home or the beach is definitely an option.

Protection for Your Data

Folderit uses bank-level encryption and SSL connections to protect your information. They also use a triple backup method which means that not one, but three, copies of your information are made. If your business plan requires off-site storage of backups in addition to the cloud storage, we are set up so that you can download and save a copy of your information at any time. This gives you the old belt-and-suspenders protection for your information. 

Signature Tracking

Say goodbye to checking the water cooler for straying staff members who are holding that important and urgent document in their hands. Send it around digitally to be perused and signed by all concerned parties. No more chasing the mail cart to check for documents, no more documents lost at the bottom of someone’s in-basket.


Teams half-way around the world from each other can work on projects by uploading their documents and objects to a selected file folder. Once uploaded, editing, commenting and changes can be affected as needed by the correct people to be involved. This means that you are spared the expense of plane tickets or even relocating key individuals who might have valuable experience to lend to your processes. 

Selective Access

Access to folders can be assigned to the people who are involved in specified projects. This creates a layer of selectivity so that only the people who need to access a folder have that access. This can be invaluable for sensitive or proprietary material. It also provides a protected space for collaboration where people feel that they have a working area that is their own. 

IT Management

The best online document management is one that makes IT management for your company a breeze. Not very many small to mid-size companies have the available talent or the budget to have a full-scale IT team on hand for their operations. By having the major part of your technology in cloud storage, as it were, your local tech team need only deal with basic networking and user station management. This takes a big load off them and can facilitate events such as seasonal promotions or beginning and end of a school semester. 


At Folderit, we take a service-oriented approach to providing the best online document management possible through using best practices. This includes backing everything up three times, encryption, and a readily available support team to work with you directly or with your local technology team. It is our goal to be the best by providing the best, which means help you to provide the best services to your customers. 

We don’t think that is hyperbole; we firmly believe it is the only appropriate business goal for a company that provides cloud services to forward-looking companies such as yours. More than that, we make every effort to anticipate upcoming needs so that processes are already in place before you realize that you will need them.