Online document management solutions are there to help you organize all your business files. Finally! Because as we know, many businesses have their physical or digital documents here, there and everywhere.

Online document management solutions
Looking for Online DMS?

So if one had the need to find one particular document right away, it could prove downright impossible. Where to look? What was the file name? Oh the horror, if the file name happens to be super generic, something in the line of doc16384_invoice1342.pdf. How could one ever locate such a file?

The online document management solutions help to add metadata to the file. So even if the file name is terrible, you can add keywords to it, give it a title, notes and connect it with other files that are not necessarily in the same folder, for what ever reasons.

Online document management solutions make it also very easy to access the file (for the right person!) from outside of the office. Like when they are working from home or need to access a file while they are on vacation far away. Like this wasn’t enough already, online document management solutions make sharing the file/folder or account access to other people secure and easy too! Everyone can access the file in one central location, no need to have separate copies for everyone. A partner or a freelance empolee needs to acces certain file? Not a problem, just share it to them and stop sharing when they are done.

Security is another feature that online document management solutions offer. The data traffic is secured by SSL, the storage is 256-bit encrypted and the cloud servers mean no local disaster — fire, burglary, hard drive failure — can ever damage or destroy your important business data. Oh, and such a solution saves money too!

If you need one, the easiest thing to do is to start your 30-day free trial of Folderit document management solution right now! No credit card required, no setup fees or hiddens costs, ever.