For every business with even the faintest hope of lasting, there is a highly functional financial department. However, financial documents are among the hardest to keep organized. They are just so many. Here’s what should be the best cloud storage for financial documents.

Secure cloud storage for financial documents

One of the most difficult issues with financial documents is ensuring a platform where client data can be processed and stored securely. Finance requires security because finances are mong the most sensitive type of data. Such data must be protected against unauthorized access while ensuring that security does not impede productivity.

The best cloud storage solution for financial documents should use a one-stop security solution covering all these use-cases. It should be encrypted at the bank level using 256-bit encryption. This level of security would take a modern supercomputer billions of years to get even halfway into your system. Folderit allows you to set your password policy, including password length, frequency of change, and optional Two-Factor authentication.

Folderit has so tightly locked down the system that even Folderit’s developers cannot access a user’s account.

While stored files and folders are secure, Folderit uses SSL Encryption when data must be transferred, which keeps data protected during transfer.

However, it is important to note that all this security does not come at the expense of efficiency. To use Folderit, all you need is a working internet connection from anywhere globally via any web-enabled smart device. Your secure cloud storage for finance is as easily accessible from a smartphone in Spain as a laptop in New Zealand.

Efficiency in cloud storage for financial documents

Folderit allows you to create users and user groups with varying access to the content. While transparency is important, financial documents recognize that not everyone needs to be involved. As a result, you can configure it so that your clients have access to specific areas, while other stakeholders have preview-only access and others work on the project in real-time.

With our Office 365 integration, creating and editing Excel files in-system is seamless!

Additionally, Folderit integrates with Make to automate your file storage needs.

Safe cloud storage

The added security provided by a cloud storage solution is that you are no longer concerned about damage, loss, theft, or errors that could result in the loss of your entire library. A cloud solution in a metropolitan area is practically instantaneous with today’s average internet speed. With a top-tier cloud solution, your content is backed up in two different locations, always giving you three copies of your data, not including any offline copies you’ve made.


Now that the system is assuredly secure, you can concentrate on being productive without interruption. Finance professionals understand the value of being able to work with an Excel file, especially in collaboration, which is made possible by Folderit’s integration with Microsoft Office 365 (Separate subscription required). We all know how important MS Excel is for financial concerns.

With an OCR-enabled search feature, you can find your files using metadata, custom metadata, content, date, and so on, including read-only content such as scanned printed documents, receipts, images, and PDF files. You can create associated files while searching. As a result, you will also receive the associated files when you fetch a file.

You can keep track of audit trails to track users who access, download, or change a file. As a document evolves, it runs the risk of losing something important. You can restore your system by using file versioning.

Folderit also provides you with a dedicated email address to which you can send content without worrying about manually sorting the entire content. It automatically sorts directly into the folder with the content serving as metadata.


The above solutions are all possible with Folderit’s Secure Cloud Storage for Finance. With Folderit, your only concern is going to be running the numbers, and letting the system take care of the rest.

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