Electronic Document Management System

The era of paper management is firmly in the past and the world is undergoing widespread digitization. However, that should not affect how a business handles their documents. 

A good electronic document management system (EDMS) is one that helps simplify your operations. It is a system that lets you store, organize, and archive data digitally. An EDMS is designed to take any document, digital, scan, image, pdf, et al. and store it in a way that is both secure and accessible. Folderit Electronic Document Management System helps you achieve your documentation goals under robust security and great ease-of-use, without adding complexity to your workflow.

Easy Access

Folderit is a web-based solution accessible from any web-enabled device. The entire infrastructure resides on a hyper secure, bank-level encrypted cloud. You do not have to worry about your device running out of storage or being low on system resources. If you are at home, at work or on-the-go, as long as you have access to the web, you will have access to Folderit. If you expect to be offline, Folderit lets you generate an offline copy of some or all of your files to work on.

Easy Sharing

Simply decide who gets how much access, and Folderit handles everything else. Folderit saves you the effort of managing teams and access rights separately by implementing user groups and public links. You choose who gets how much access to what. You can share some files, or entire folders with teams and individuals as previewers, viewers, or editors. Or grant a public public access via a hard-to-guess link. 

To keep track of how your documents are handled, Folderit keeps audit-trail logs that give you a complete overview of every action taken by anyone on your system.

Easy Searching

It is not enough that your digital documents are easy to store, they should also be easy to locate. Not only can our search algorithms make use of your custom meta tags and content to find what you’re looking for, they can also use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to search digital documents without editable content, like scans, images or PDF files. You no longer have to worry about recreating older files.

Easy Hierarchy Management

Folderit makes it incredibly easy to implement and maintain approvals. With Folderit, you can invite people to approve and add their comment to any document, like invoices, vacation applications, or even internal memos. It even allows you to set a retention period for any file or folder in days, weeks, months, or years; as per your organization’s record keeping policies.

Easy Notifications

Folderit lets you set up notifications and reminders for your electronic documents and how your teams interact with them. If you want, Folderit can notify you when someone accesses or modifies your files in any way. Folderit lets you decide how frequently you want to be updated, whether it be at runtime or at specific intervals.

Easy Structure

Folderit is built with the complete understanding that you know how to organize your company best. To add to your ease-of-use, Folderit creates the freedom to customize relations between folders, add metadata for custom indexing, signers, notes, due dates that come together to give you easily indexable and searchable document trees.

Easy File Management

Folderit ensures peace of mind by maintaining file versions as documents evolve. Older versions are complete backups of files, retaining a unified metadata throughout the versions. This keeps the search criteria consistent. 

If you want to keep multiple collaborators from working on a single document, you can grant exclusive editing rights to specific users. Other users may interact with the file as per their permissions, they may not add new versions or edit the file. An info bar will appear while the file is being edited.

Easy Security

Folderit is a highly secure, robust cloud-based electronic document management system. Folderit was developed with the understanding that companies will only entrust a web-based solution if it can keep their data secure and accessible. To ensure your data’s safety, Folderit transfers data via secure SSL, and keeps a triple backup, all under bank-level encryption. You can also implement a custom password policy for your users, to ensure complexity and that it changes as frequently as you deem necessary.

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