Nowadays electronic signature solutions have become essential tools, enabling businesses to execute agreements swiftly and securely. While HelloSign is a popular choice, several alternatives offer unique features that might better suit different business needs. This guide explores the top 10 HelloSign alternatives.

Top 10 HelloSign Alternatives

  1. Folderit eSign: Leading the pack, Folderit eSign is fully integrated within Folderit’s Document Management System (DMS), offering unmatched efficiency with its unique folder-based automation. This feature allows for automatic triggering of e-signature processes when documents are placed in specified folders, streamlining workflow management.
  2. DocuSign: A heavyweight in the e-signature industry, DocuSign caters to large organizations with its extensive API capabilities, robust feature set, and global compliance, making it ideal for complex document workflows.
  3. Adobe Sign: Known for its deep integration with Adobe’s suite and Microsoft products, Adobe Sign offers powerful tools for managing and automating document workflows, enhancing productivity across departments.
  4. SignNow: Offering a balance of features and value, SignNow provides a user-friendly interface and cost-effective solutions for SMBs, making it accessible for businesses looking to digitize signing processes without extensive IT resources.
  5. PandaDoc: More than just an e-signature tool, PandaDoc facilitates entire document workflows by providing tools for document creation, tracking, and analytics, ideal for teams needing comprehensive document management solutions.
  6. SignEasy: Best for those who need to sign documents on the go, SignEasy offers a streamlined mobile experience that ensures accessibility and convenience for users needing to manage documents remotely.
  7. Zoho Sign: Part of the Zoho suite, Zoho Sign is particularly advantageous for users already within the Zoho ecosystem, offering seamless integration and enhancing the capabilities of other Zoho applications.
  8. JotForm Sign: JotForm excels in creating custom forms that can be converted into signable documents, offering flexibility and power in document automation and form building.
  9. OneSpan Sign: Focused on security and compliance, OneSpan Sign is designed for sectors such as finance and government, where stringent security protocols and compliance are paramount.
  10. Xodo Sign: As a straightforward and budget-friendly option, Xodo Sign caters to users who require basic e-signature functionalities without the need for advanced features or integrations.

Introducing Folderit eSign

Folderit eSign is more than just an e-signature solution; it is an integral part of Folderit’s comprehensive Document Management System (DMS). This integration brings unparalleled efficiency and security to document workflows, making it a top choice for businesses of all sizes.

Unique Features and Benefits of Folderit eSign

Folderit eSign offers several unique features that set it apart from other e-signature solutions:

  • Folder-Based Automation: One of the standout features of Folderit eSign is its folder-based automation. When documents are placed in specific folders within the DMS, the system automatically triggers the e-signature process. This reduces manual intervention and speeds up the signing process, making it ideal for high-volume transactions.
  • Integration with Folderit DMS: The integration with Folderit’s DMS means that users can manage their documents and signatures within a single platform. This not only simplifies document management but also ensures that all documents are stored securely and are easily accessible when needed.
  • Security and Compliance: Folderit eSign adheres to strict security standards, including 256-bit encryption and compliance with GDPR and HIPAA regulations. This ensures that all documents and signatures are secure and legally binding.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, making it accessible for users of all technical skill levels. The seamless integration with Folderit’s DMS also means that users can quickly learn and adapt to the system.

Folderit DMS Integration

Folderit’s DMS offers a holistic approach to document management, incorporating various features that enhance the utility of its eSign capabilities:

  • Document Storage and Organization: The DMS allows users to store and organize documents efficiently, with features like version control, metadata tagging, and powerful search functions.
  • Collaborative Tools: Folderit’s DMS includes collaboration tools that enable multiple users to work on documents simultaneously, track changes, and manage approvals, making teamwork more effective and streamlined.


Folderit offers competitive pricing plans that cater to different business needs:

  • Mini Plan: $27 per month or $294 annually, includes 150 GB of storage and supports up to 5 users.
  • Medium Plan: $81 per month or $882 annually, provides 500 GB of storage for up to 10 users.
  • Tailor Plan: $101 per month or $1114 annually, with scalable storage and user support tailored to specific business requirements.

Each plan includes Folderit eSign without additional costs, providing significant value compared to standalone e-signature services.


Choosing the right e-signature solution is crucial for optimizing business operations. While many alternatives to HelloSign offer robust features, Folderit eSign stands out due to its unique integration with Folderit’s DMS, offering comprehensive document management and automation capabilities. The seamless integration, advanced security, and competitive pricing make Folderit eSign the preferred choice for businesses looking to enhance their document workflows efficiently and securely.

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