Scanned Document Management Software

Scanned Document Management Software

Scanned Document Management Software is of course exactly what you need when you have accumulated a lot of data on papers during your years in business and you are now in the process of digitizing it all.

The process creates a lot of files with initial filenames like ‘scan_123455.pdf’ and so on which confuses a lot more than it helps. And it means two things — you need to give your scanned documents an understandable name that even remotely describes the data in it and you need to store the files somewhere safe. Because, basically, this is exactly why you made the effort of digitizing in the first place!

You wanted to make the documents more easily findable, shareable and keep them safe. Speaking of more findable, it definitley makes sense to add some keywords/tags and other metadata to your files so you can create connections between documents that go together even if they don’t seem to by their file names.

So, now you have scanned the documents and need a place to store all of the newly created digital documents. Enter Folderit. This is where the cloud-based scanned document management software really shines. You can store the scanned documents in a really secure, 256-bit encrypted datacenter based in Ireland. You can add all sorts of metadata to the stored file.

Not only keywords but also fully searchable notes, or just come up with your own data fields with the Custom Fields feature. You can easily share the document or the folder it’s in, choosing if the collaborator can just see and download the file or also make changes to the metadata, add new versions or share the file/folder in turn.

The Preview function makes it easy to see the scanned document without the need of downloading it first and digital Approval Worklow is at your disposal to make getting approval for invoices to be paid and vacation applications a lot more easy.

Software-as-a-Service Scanned Document Management Software is the secure, easy and cost-effective solution you’ve been looking for.