Opening webapp as a desktop application, for instance making a shortcut to desktop for Folderit DMS to access it faster and more conveniently is easy!

You basically won’t even think any more whether apps you are using are being installed locally or if you use a web-based application. Because nowaday — there really is not a lot of difference in it anyway. Only SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) being better in almost every way, that is.

Opening web-based applications from the dock on a Mac

It’s just super easy on a Mac computer. All you need is a free app called Fluid which takes care of all the hassle. If you really like the app (as we do!) or need some of the advanced features (like having the ability to pin apps to the status bar and a few more), it costs you 4.99 $ but you really don’t need the paid version.

The app allows you to create a shortcut with your chosen icon of any website or SaaS application. So besides Folderit document management system for Mac, you can easily add GMail, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other site you often need to visit and want to have a quick way of doing that. The browser window that opens is also cleaner with no address bar and makes the apps feel more like local apps.

Here’s their demo video:

Turning a website to a desktop app on Windows PC

The easiest is to use Chrome, which you probably use anyway. Jst do the following:

  1. Open Chrome browser
  2. Go to the website or webapp like Folderit that you want to turn into a “desktop” app
  3. Locate the Chrome menu icon, click it and open the menu
  4. Click on ‘Tools
  5. Select ‘Add to taskbar’
  6. Now choose if you want the app shortcut to be pinned to Google Apps Launcher or Windows taskbar if you are using a Windows PC.
  7. Click Create.