Document Management Software for Mac
You know what’s the best document management software for a Mac? The same as for Window, Linux and what ever you have. And actually, precisely for that very same reason — it is accesible from all platforms, equally.

Welcome to the age of cloud computing, which brought along the possibilities of online software and SaaS (Software-as-aService) models. It takes the compatibility issues out of the equation from every specific platform, it removes the need to install anything at all and allowes users to access the software from a Mac or PC, an iPhone, Android or Windows phones with no difference at all.

Documant management is, in essence, a highly collaborative task. Many people can have the need to add files to the central storage and even more might need to access some or all of them. The more there are people that need to collaborate, the more likely it is that they are not all using the same kind of computer. Not only is there a difference in a Mac OS and Windows, for example, but there are also differences in the versions of each operating system. Some installed document management software for Mac might only work on older versions of Mac OS, some only on newer. And the same goes for Windows, Linux and any other operating system in the world.

Cloud-based software takes care of this problem as you are using the document management system via a web browser, not installing it on your computer. So you never have to worry about you local storage nor updating the software itself with security or feature updates. Since all those are taken care of automatically. Each time you log in, you are definitley using the newest and securest version. Without any hassle from your side.

So next time you know — if anyone asks you which is the best Document Management Software for Mac, you can answer it’s the same as for Windows. And vice versa. It’s cloud-based online document management software and it probably is Folderit.