All businesses, big and small rely on record-keeping. Large companies run custom-built proprietary software operated by numerous technical people.

However, small companies have neither the resources nor the manpower to take on such an undertaking. The alternate, however, is not to manage digital storage and sharing through multiple platforms, that risks your data’s integrity and increases complexity.

With Folderit you get a ubiquitous, scalable, flexible solution for online file storage and sharing for small businesses, that is simple enough to be run by anyone with a basic understanding of computers.

Secure online file storage and sharing for small business

If you run a small business like

  • Stores/Shops
  • Pharmacies
  • archiving startups
  • Accounting firms
  • Creative agencies

You know the importance of reliable record-keeping and archiving. With Folderit, your data is kept secure using 256-bit bank-level encryption that transfers using SSL encryption ensuring that your data is safe from any unauthorized access. Folderit also lets you implement your own company-wide password policy (if that is a requirement).

Additionally, your data is also triple backed up in different locations to ensure that you are protected against data loss. 

You can grant users or user-groups degrees of access. To some users, you can grant complete unfettered access while limiting some and locking others completely out, or whatever combination of permissions you want for your teams.

Great for Collaboration

Companies with collaborative environments such as IT companies or creative agencies can appreciate a platform that lets them manage high volume of content and files without adding needless complexity to the process. This is a fine line for a solution that offers online file storage and sharing for small business. Especially when the teams are working remotely, as Folderit is accessible from any web-enabled device without compromising on security.

Film makers, photographers, ad makers, artists, etc. they can create a document that grants permissions to your collaborators who can give you feedback on your work. If you are working with team members on various assets, you can set up a shared folder for contributors on which they can upload their content. That way, team leads can interact with the content directly while other collaborators can only view the content. E.g. in an animated video, if a script is ready, it can go into voice overs which can then become 2D animations.

Having a completed script means both the voice over people and the animatics people can access the file simultaneously to begin their process without affecting the original draft. If you need approval from someone before publishing a file, Folderit can set you up with that. You could get your draft approved first from the director, then producer and finally the animators, or you can get that approval all-at-once (such as in IT companies). 

Folderit accommodates a single file as large as 50 GB, which is great for raw uncompressed footage.


The HR process is always one that requires the highest level of protection. This is because HR Managers deal with sensitive employee data that cannot risk getting leaked. This can vary from simple contact information to personal records, medical history and/or even financial records (in some cases). 

Due to Folderit’s security features and permission management, we know that data is not going to end up in any unwanted hands and it maintains an audit-trail that keeps track of which users accessed which file and when, so you can be doubly sure.

To further ease the HR manager’s job, you can keep track of applicants, interviewees and successful candidates in their separate folders shared with relevant team leaders who can comment on and make updates all in the same place. 


Small businesses like shops or startups need a platform that understands their needs. Folderit appreciates that small business owners wear multiple hats, a habit that sometimes travels with them as a company scales. Folderit lets you wear as many hats as you like when you start small and it lets you either keep, or share said hats as you grow. 

Complicated and expensive solutions are like custom-built factory floors, they are great at what they do, but they’re not built for every use-case. Folderit, however is like an open workspace that can be moulded into anything you want.