Signing documents online with both speed and security is crucial for businesses and individuals. Folderit eSign, integrated within the Folderit document management system, offers a solution to this challenge. Through a seamless, secure, and straightforward process for electronic signatures, Folderit eSign is designed to enhance productivity and streamline document workflows.

Understanding Folderit eSign

Folderit eSign is an integrated part of Folderit’s document management ecosystem designed to facilitate secure, verifiable, and legally binding signatures from anywhere, at any time. The platform stands out for its user-centric design, ensuring that both Folderit users and non-users can participate in the e-signature process with minimal effort.

Key Features of Folderit eSign

  • Inclusive Workflow: Folderit eSign’s inclusive workflow is a game-changer, enabling the initiation of electronic signature workflows, extending the platform’s utility beyond the confines of needing separate e-signature subscriptions, broadening its application across various industries and use cases by reducing the barrier to entry.
  • Adaptable Signing Order: The platform provides unmatched flexibility in configuring the signing process, allowing documents to be signed in a specified order or all at once. This feature is particularly useful in scenarios where the sequence of signatures is crucial, such as legal documents or contracts requiring hierarchical approvals.
  • Versatile Signing Options: Understanding the diverse needs of its users, Folderit eSign offers multiple methods for signing documents, including typing or drawing signatures. This versatility ensures that the signing process is accessible and convenient, regardless of the user’s device or location.
  • Comprehensive Documentation and Audit Trails: Every step in the signing process is meticulously documented, providing a transparent and verifiable record of the entire workflow. This comprehensive documentation is vital for legal compliance and audit purposes, offering peace of mind to all parties involved.
  • Robust Verification Feature: Ensuring the integrity of signed documents, Folderit eSign includes a robust verification feature that allows anyone to verify the authenticity of documents through a dedicated public verification page. This feature underscores the platform’s commitment to security and trustworthiness.

Initiating a Signing Workflow

Starting a signing workflow with Folderit eSign is straightforward:

  • Select a Document: Users begin by selecting the document that requires signatures within the Folderit platform.
  • Setup the Workflow: The initiator can then set up the workflow, specifying the order of signers if necessary, and adding a personalized message to accompany the invitation to sign.
  • Invite Signers: Signers are invited to participate via email, where they can access the document to sign, regardless of whether they have a Folderit account.
  • Sign the Document: Participants can sign the document using their preferred method, adjusting the signature’s placement and size as needed.
  • Completion and Documentation: Once all signatures are collected, each participant receives an email with the final signed document and an audit trail, ensuring transparency and legal compliance.

Electronic Signature Statistics That You Should Know

Market Growth and Value: The e-signature market has demonstrated significant growth, reflecting its increasing adoption across various sectors. The market was valued at $1.53 billion and is projected to reach $12.72 billion by 2030, indicating a robust CAGR of 26.6% from 2021 to 2030. This growth is driven by the efficiency and security e-signatures offer, making them essential for healthcare, banking, and government sectors, among others​​.

Dominance of Major Players: DocuSign, with a market share of 67.61%, dominates the e-signature market. This underscores the market’s competitive landscape and the leading role of established platforms. However, this also highlights the opportunity for integrated solutions like Folderit eSign to offer tailored, efficient alternatives within specific ecosystems such as Folderit’s DMS​​.

Cost Savings and Efficiency: Organizations that adopt e-signature solutions can significantly reduce document handling expenses by 85% and save an average of 80% on shipping costs. This cost efficiency extends across small to large enterprises, with various pricing models accommodating the needs of different business sizes and volumes​​.

Enhanced Workflows and Documentation Accuracy: The adoption of e-signature solutions not only streamlines workflows but also greatly improves documentation accuracy and efficiency. Businesses have reported an 80% reduction in signing errors and a 66% decrease in missing files upon switching to e-signatures​​​​.

Impact on Customer Experience and ROI: Embracing electronic signatures leads to enhanced customer experiences, with organizations reporting up to a 500% increase in customer loyalty. Furthermore, the use of e-signatures has been shown to shorten sales cycles by 400% and increase conversion rates, underscoring their positive impact on business performance and return on investment (ROI)​​.

Environmental Benefits: The shift towards e-signatures is not only a strategic business move but also a step towards environmental sustainability. E-signature solutions have the potential to save up to 2.5 billion trees in less than 20 years, highlighting the significant environmental benefits of reducing paper use in business operations​​.

General Use Cases

Finalizing Contracts

Imagine you’re at the end of a negotiation process, and it’s time to finalize a contract. With Folderit eSign, this critical step can be completed with ease and efficiency. Here’s how:

  • Initiation: An authorized team member selects the contract document within Folderit and initiates an e-signature workflow.
  • Signer Addition: They add the email addresses of all parties involved in the contract, setting the signing order to ensure that each party signs in the correct legal sequence.
  • Signing: Each party receives an email notification, signs the document on their preferred device, and can adjust the signature’s placement and size for accuracy.
  • Completion: Once all parties have signed, everyone receives a copy of the signed contract along with an audit trail, ensuring transparency and legality.

This process not only speeds up contract finalization but also ensures that all parties have a secure and verifiable copy of the agreement, making Folderit eSign an indispensable tool in contract management.

Approving Agreements

Folderit eSign streamlines the approval of corporate agreements, such as service level agreements (SLAs) or partnership agreements. Here’s a scenario:

  • Workflow Setup: A manager sets up a new agreement in Folderit eSign, adding stakeholders as signers.
  • Flexible Signing: Depending on the agreement’s nature, the manager might choose a parallel signing order to expedite the process.
  • Secure Signing: Stakeholders sign the agreement using their preferred method, benefiting from Folderit eSign’s security measures that ensure document integrity.
  • Finalization: After all necessary approvals are collected, the document is automatically stored in a designated Folderit folder, with all parties receiving the finalized, signed document and an audit trail for record-keeping.

This highlights Folderit eSign’s ability to facilitate fast and secure agreement approvals, crucial for maintaining smooth operations within any organization.

Onboarding New Employees

Onboarding new employees involves a significant amount of paperwork, from contracts to confidentiality agreements. Folderit eSign simplifies this process:

  • Document Preparation: HR prepares the onboarding documents and initiates a signing workflow for each new hire.
  • Inclusive Workflow: Since new employees might not have Folderit accounts yet, Folderit eSign’s inclusivity ensures they can still participate in the signing process.
  • Efficient Process: New hires receive an email invitation to sign their documents, which they can do from any device, marking a smooth start to their employment.
  • Documentation: Upon completion, HR receives the signed documents along with an audit trail, ensuring compliance and a strong start to the employment relationship.

This demonstrates how Folderit eSign can make the onboarding process more efficient and user-friendly, significantly reducing the administrative burden on HR departments.

Industry-Specific Use-Cases

In legal practices, handling multiple cases and clients involves a significant amount of document review and approvals. Folderit eSign can transform this process:

  • Initiation: A paralegal prepares a case document, such as a legal brief or contract, and initiates an e-signature workflow in Folderit, identifying all parties required for review and approval.
  • Sequential Signing: The workflow is set to follow the law firm’s internal review process, ensuring that documents are signed by paralegals, attorneys, and finally the managing partner in the correct order.
  • Client Approval: Once internal approvals are secured, the document is sent to the client for final approval. Folderit eSign facilitates this by allowing clients to securely sign the document online, regardless of their location.
  • Archiving: The fully signed document, along with its audit trail, is automatically archived in Folderit’s system, ensuring that it’s easily retrievable for future reference or court submissions.

Contract Management in the Entertainment Industry

Managing contracts with artists, production crews, and vendors is crucial in the entertainment industry. Folderit eSign simplifies contract management:

  • Contract Creation: A producer drafts a contract for a new film project and uses Folderit to initiate the signing process, adding all relevant parties, including actors, crew members, and suppliers.
  • Flexible Signing Options: Participants receive an invitation to sign the contract using Folderit eSign, offering them the flexibility to sign digitally on any device, accommodating busy schedules and varying locations.
  • Real-Time Updates: The producer can track the signing progress in real-time, ensuring that all contracts are signed promptly to avoid delays in production schedules.
  • Secure Storage: Once all signatures are collected, the contracts are securely stored in Folderit, with easy access for future negotiations or reference.

Compliance Documentation in Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities regularly deal with compliance documents that require the signatures of multiple stakeholders, including doctors, nurses, and administrators. Folderit eSign offers an efficient solution:

  • Document Preparation: The compliance officer prepares the necessary compliance documentation, such as policy updates or new procedure guidelines, and sets up an e-signature workflow in Folderit.
  • Inclusive Workflow: Given the diverse roles of the signatories, the workflow allows for both internal staff and external partners, like insurance providers, to sign the documents as needed.
  • Audit Trails: Each signed document is accompanied by an audit trail, crucial for regulatory compliance and audits, providing clear evidence of who signed the document and when.
  • Secure Archiving: Completed documents are automatically archived within Folderit, ensuring that healthcare facilities maintain an organized and accessible record of all compliance-related documentation.

Environmental Impact Assessments in Construction and Development Projects

Environmental impact assessments (EIA) are critical in planning and development projects, requiring thorough review and approval by multiple stakeholders, including environmental agencies, project developers, and local community representatives. Folderit eSign facilitates this complex process:

  • Stakeholder Engagement: The project manager uploads the EIA report to Folderit and sets up a workflow that includes all stakeholders.
  • Sequential Review and Sign-off: The workflow is configured to ensure the document is reviewed and signed off in the necessary order, allowing for transparent tracking of each party’s approval status.
  • Public Consultation Feedback: Community representatives and public stakeholders can also be included in the process, providing their signatures and feedback digitally, enhancing public engagement and compliance transparency.
  • Final Approval and Archiving: With all required signatures collected, the final approved document is archived within Folderit, accessible for future reference and compliance audits.

Quality Assurance Certifications in Manufacturing

Manufacturers seeking to obtain or renew quality assurance certifications such as ISO standards can leverage Folderit eSign to manage the extensive documentation involved. This includes:

  • Audit Documentation Preparation: Preparing all necessary documentation for the quality audit, including process manuals, quality control records, and corrective action plans.
  • Internal Review and Approval: Setting up a workflow for internal review and approval by the quality assurance team, management, and any other relevant departments.
  • Certification Body Review: Once internal approvals are collected, the documentation can be submitted to the certification body, with any required signatures from auditors collected digitally through Folderit eSign.
  • Certification and Compliance Records: Upon successful certification, the certified documents are stored in Folderit, providing an easily accessible record for compliance and future audits.

Annual Vendor Evaluations in Supply Chain Management

Annual evaluations of vendors and suppliers are critical for maintaining quality in the supply chain. Folderit eSign facilitates this process:

  • Evaluation Form Distribution: Supply chain managers prepare and distribute evaluation forms to various department heads for assessing vendor performance.
  • Consolidated Feedback Collection: Department heads sign and submit their evaluations digitally, ensuring a timely and organized collection of feedback.
  • Vendor Notification: Final evaluation summaries, requiring acknowledgment or action from vendors, are sent through Folderit eSign, allowing for swift vendor response and action.
  • Record Keeping: Completed evaluations and vendor acknowledgments are securely stored in Folderit, providing an auditable trail for future reference and compliance purposes.

Publishing Agreements for Authors and Publishers

The publishing industry relies on clear and enforceable agreements between authors, agents, and publishers. Folderit eSign streamlines the agreement process:

  • Contract Initiation: Publishers prepare contracts for new book deals and initiate a signing process that includes authors, literary agents, and legal advisors.
  • Sequential Review: The contract passes through a sequence of reviews and approvals, ensuring that all parties agree to the terms.
  • Digital Signature Collection: Each party signs the contract at their convenience, using any device, which is particularly beneficial for international deals.
  • Secure Archive: The fully executed contract is then stored in Folderit, where it can be accessed by authorized parties at any time, ensuring security and compliance.

Software Licensing and Renewals in IT

IT departments and software companies need an efficient process for managing software licensing agreements and renewals. Folderit eSign serves this need:

  • License Agreement Preparation: IT managers prepare license agreements for new software purchases or renewals and set up a workflow for approval and signing by the finance department and software vendors.
  • Rapid Execution: The digital signing process allows for quick turnaround, ensuring that software licenses are processed without delay, avoiding any operational downtime.
  • Vendor Confirmation: Software vendors receive signed agreements instantly, facilitating immediate license activation or renewal.
  • Centralized Management: All software licensing agreements are securely stored in Folderit, making it easy to track expiration dates, renewal conditions, and compliance with licensing terms.

Leasing Agreements in Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate operations often involve complex leasing agreements that require signatures from multiple parties, including property owners, leasing agents, and tenants. Folderit eSign simplifies this process:

  • Lease Drafting and Review: Leasing agents draft lease agreements and share them with property owners for initial approval before sending them to potential tenants for review and signature.
  • Multi-party Signing Process: Folderit eSign facilitates a multi-step signing process that accommodates revisions and approvals from all parties, ensuring that every change is documented and agreed upon.
  • Document Finalization: Once the lease is finalized and signed by all parties, copies are automatically distributed, and the original agreement is securely stored in Folderit for easy access and management.
  • Lease Renewal Notifications: Folderit can also automate reminders for lease renewals, making it easy to initiate renewal processes well in advance.

Annual Corporate Governance Documentation

Corporations are required to maintain up-to-date governance documents, such as board resolutions, shareholder agreements, and compliance declarations. Folderit eSign offers a solution for managing these documents efficiently:

  • Document Preparation: Corporate secretaries prepare governance documents and initiate signing workflows that include board members, shareholders, and legal advisors as needed.
  • Efficient Review and Approval: Folderit eSign allows for sequential or simultaneous signing as required, enabling a streamlined process for document review and approval.
  • Audit Trails for Compliance: Every signed document includes a comprehensive audit trail, crucial for corporate governance and regulatory compliance.
  • Secure Archiving: Governance documents are securely archived in Folderit, ensuring they are accessible for audits, compliance checks, or shareholder reviews.

Research and Development Project Approvals

In industries focused on research and development (R&D), project proposals often require approval from multiple departments, including R&D, finance, and legal. Folderit eSign facilitates this cross-departmental collaboration:

  • Proposal Submission: Researchers submit project proposals for review, initiating a workflow in Folderit eSign that routes the document to the necessary departments for approval.
  • Streamlined Approval Process: Department heads and key stakeholders can review and sign off on proposals digitally, significantly speeding up the approval process for new projects.
  • Transparent Tracking: Folderit eSign allows project initiators to track the approval status in real-time, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the process.
  • Documentation and Compliance: Completed proposals, along with their approval history and audit trails, are stored in Folderit, providing a secure and organized record for future reference or audit purposes.

Application and Funding Allocation in Higher Education

In the education sector, particularly within universities and research institutions, managing grant applications and the allocation of funding involves extensive documentation that requires signatures from multiple stakeholders. Folderit eSign streamlines this critical process:

  • Grant Application Submission: Faculty members or researchers prepare grant applications detailing their project proposals, budgets, and impact assessments. These applications are then submitted to the internal grant review board using Folderit eSign.
  • Review and Approval Workflow: The grant review board initiates a workflow in Folderit eSign that routes the application for signatures from department heads, finance officers, and compliance teams. This workflow ensures that all necessary approvals are obtained systematically and efficiently, with each stakeholder reviewing and signing the documents in a predetermined order.
  • Secure and Compliant Signing: Folderit eSign’s secure platform allows each party to sign the application and associated documents online, adhering to university policies and external regulatory requirements. The platform’s versatility supports various signing methods, accommodating the preferences of each stakeholder.
  • Funding Allocation: Once the grant is approved, funding allocation documents are prepared and sent through Folderit eSign to the finance department, the principal investigator, and any external funding bodies. This digital signature process expedites the release of funds, allowing research projects to commence without unnecessary delays.
  • Documentation and Record Keeping: All signed grant applications, approval documents, and funding allocation records are automatically stored in Folderit’s secure cloud storage. This centralized document management ensures easy access for audits, reporting, and future reference, maintaining a transparent and organized record of the institution’s grant management activities.

Thesis Submission and Approval Process in Universities

The thesis submission and approval process is a critical component of academic progress in universities, involving multiple stakeholders, including students, advisors, and department heads. Folderit eSign streamlines this process:

  • Thesis Submission: Graduate students prepare their thesis documents and submit them for review through the Folderit platform. Using Folderit eSign, they initiate a digital signature workflow that includes their thesis advisor and department head.
  • Review and Feedback: Advisors and department heads receive notifications to review the thesis. They can provide feedback directly within the Folderit system and digitally sign off on the document once all revisions are satisfactorily made, streamlining the review process.
  • Approval Workflow: Once the thesis advisor approves the document, it automatically moves to the department head for final approval. This sequential signing ensures that the thesis is reviewed and approved in an organized and timely manner.
  • Automatic Archiving: After final approval, the thesis is automatically archived in the university’s central Folderit repository, where it is securely stored and accessible for future reference, such as accreditation reviews or research purposes.
  • Notification and Transparency: Throughout the process, students receive real-time updates on the status of their submission, including when their thesis is approved. This transparency reduces anxiety and improves the student experience during this critical phase of their academic career.

Folderit eSign: An Affordable DocuSign Alternative

Folderit eSign is a prime DocuSign alternative signing method, especially for businesses seeking cost-effective e-signature solutions. Specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with Folderit’s Document Management System, Folderit eSign offers an in-house solution that addresses the need for an affordable, secure, and efficient document signing process.

Recognizing that DocuSign’s pricing may be prohibitive for small businesses and organizations in regions where costs are a significant concern, Folderit eSign provides a viable option that’s cheaper than DocuSign, without sacrificing quality or security. It’s a perfect choice for those searching for small businesses or for those looking for an on-platform cost-effective solution, that delivers all the important functionalities and automation required for digital document management and signing at no additional cost!

Folderit eSign is NOW FREE as part of our Tailor Plan!

Signing Documents on the Go

Folderit eSign is especially beneficial for professionals who often work remotely or are constantly on the move. Being able to sign documents from any device, anywhere, not only accelerates the signing process but also ensures that business operations can continue without delay, regardless of the signers’ locations.

Tracking and Verification

Folderit eSign provides real-time tracking of document status, offering visibility into who has signed and who hasn’t. This feature is invaluable for managing deadlines and ensuring timely completions. Furthermore, the dedicated public verification page allows anyone to verify the authenticity of signed documents, adding an extra layer of security and trust to the process.


Folderit eSign offers a practical, technical, and clear solution for online document signing, addressing a wide range of use cases with its versatile features. From finalizing contracts to onboarding new employees, Folderit eSign simplifies and secures the e-signature process, making it an essential tool for modern businesses. By integrating Folderit eSign into their operations, organizations can enjoy increased efficiency, enhanced security, and a seamless document management experience.

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