If it were as easy as creating a one-size-fits-all management solution for companies, we would all be using it. While large scale companies can easily create custom software for hundreds of thousands of euros or dollars, that remains an elusive dream for small and medium businesses.

However, what if there was a way to manage an entire organization through a €49/month DMS and cover almost every use case? 

Most companies run on the backbone of the following:

  • HR
  • Project Management
  • Supply Chain/Inventory
  • Finance
  • Marketing

HR management through a €49/month DMS

The whole point of HR is to find the right people to get the job done. Evaluating, gauging, and judging humans is a difficult task that has taken decades of hard science to quantify, yet finding the best fit for a job continues to evolve.  

However, with Folderit’s DMS, you can simplify a series of complicated tasks. For starters, all headhunters/HR managers have a pool of résumés they can reach out to for certain jobs. With Folderit, an HR manager can create a document repository for this purpose and add metatags as well as custom metatags that they can use the powerful OCR enabled search to locate as/when needed. 

The HR manager can even automate certain emails such that their content is immediately sent to certain folders with your allocated metatags, so they can automate a significant part of their job – such as forwarding resumes to relevant department heads. With Folderit, every employee file can be processed within a few clicks.

Similarly, HR can keep a list of active personnel in the company with their information, appraisals, evaluations, etc. in a folder that only they, and some relevant people can access, as it contains sensitive information. Folder it offers 256-bit bank-level encryption that transfers content using SSL encryption ensuring that nobody can access content without the necessary authorization. 

Project Management

Project management is the department in charge of getting things done. The more efficiently they do it, the better. Efficiency is dependent entirely on the smooth flow of data, the information must follow without interruption.

Project managers dealing with red tape will appreciate that Folderit supports automated approval workflow, where you can set up relevant stakeholders to approve documents automatically without waiting for human intervention to hold up the process. 

Each task can be its own folder with its relevant information shared with assigned users. Other relevant users can be granted limited access where they can only view the content without modifying it (such as one team referring to the work of another) or you can configure it such that a folder is completely invisible to all but a few people. 

Any time a file or folder is accessed Folderit updates an internal audit-log that lets you check which user accessed which file and when, so you can ensure all users have indeed seen the information they were required to see.

You can even enable cross-team collaboration such that professionals can work together on content together. This even extends to Microsoft Office 365 that can operate natively (separate subscription required). All of this provides a greater likelihood of achieving the desired results, ensuring efficient and best use of resources, and satisfying the differing needs of any stakeholders.

Supply Chain/Inventory

Businesses that rely on a supply chain or maintain an inventory already appreciate the importance of an easy-to-access database. You can create a folder that contains all the information pertaining to suppliers, recipients, routes, transportation, vendors, etc. all in a live list that is updated as operations proceed. With relevant recipients getting notified when their input is required. Such as putting a timer on a file to go live/die at a certain time which can coincide with delivery routes.

Since Folderit is ubiquitous and always available, all you need is a web-enabled device anywhere in the world and you will be able to access its content as if it was sitting right in front of you.


The same smart solution that is responsible for smooth operation in the above departments can be extended onto almost any other. Finance can use Folderit to maintain cashflows and records, accounting can run audit reports up and down the chain. Marketing and sales can keep their targets, reports, analytics, leads, and sales in a way that while all the content is individual to whomever needs it, while remaining central to the entire organization.

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