The efficiency of business operations hinges significantly on the ability to execute documents swiftly and securely. Electronic signatures have become indispensable in streamlining document workflows, offering the speed and legal standing necessary for modern business transactions.

Despite their importance, businesses and organizations, especially those that are bootstrapped, as well as those in emerging markets, face a significant barrier: the cost. This is where we have introduced Folderit eSign, catering to both affordability and functionality, presenting itself as a formidable alternative to the market leader, DocuSign as well as other electronic signature solutions.

The Challenge with Current Market Leaders

DocuSign has set a high standard in the electronic signature domain, offering a comprehensive suite of features that cater to a broad spectrum of business needs. Its global acceptance and robust security measures have made it a go-to solution for many. However, its pricing structure can be a stumbling block for small businesses and organizations in cost-sensitive regions. The need for a cost-effective alternative that does not compromise on quality or security is evident, prompting a search for solutions that offer similar benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Introducing Folderit eSign

In response to this demand, Folderit has introduced Folderit eSign, an electronic signature solution that marries affordability with functionality. Developed as part of Folderit's suite of document management tools, eSign is designed to simplify the process of signing documents electronically, eliminating the reliance on traditional paper-based methods. Its seamless integration with Folderit's Document Management System (DMS) enhances the user experience, offering a streamlined workflow from document storage to signature collection.

Key Features of Folderit eSign vs. DocuSign

Folderit eSign distinguishes itself from DocuSign through a variety of user-centric features:

  • Inclusive Workflow: eSign allows both Folderit users and non-users to participate in the e-signature process, ensuring broad accessibility.

  • Adaptable Signing Order: Users can tailor the signing order to their specific needs, accommodating both parallel and sequential workflows.

  • Versatile Signing Options: With options for drawing or typing signatures, eSign caters to diverse user preferences and device availability.

  • Comprehensive Documentation and Verification: At the completion of the signing process, eSign provides an audit trail document alongside the signed document, ensuring transparency and legal compliance.

This suite of features ensures that Folderit eSign not only stands as a competitive alternative to DocuSign but also offers a more tailored experience to users seeking simplicity, flexibility, and security.

Why Folderit eSign is the Ideal DocuSign Alternative

Folderit eSign's introduction represents a significant stride toward democratizing electronic signatures. It addresses the critical issue of cost efficiency, particularly for businesses in regions where budget constraints are a primary consideration. By integrating eSign into the Tailor pricing plan at no additional cost, Folderit presents a great value proposition. This strategic move not only makes electronic signatures more accessible but also reinforces Folderit's commitment to providing comprehensive, cost-effective document management solutions.

The benefits of adopting Folderit eSign extend beyond cost savings. The integration with Folderit's DMS facilitates a seamless document management process, enhancing overall efficiency and security. Moreover, Folderit eSign's global accessibility and compliance with legal standards make it an ideal solution for businesses operating in diverse legal jurisdictions.

Folderit eSign's Pricing Advantage

The search for a cost-effective yet efficient electronic signature solution brings us to a pivotal aspect where Folderit eSign notably diverges from its counterparts like DocuSign — pricing. While DocuSign's reputation and robust feature set come at a premium, necessitating separate subscription costs, Folderit eSign offers a financially savvy alternative that doesn’t skimp on functionality or security.

For reference, DocuSign offers several plans catering to different user needs, starting from the Personal plan at $10 per month (when billed annually) or $15 monthly. This plan allows for up to 5 documents to be sent each month for e-signature. For more demanding users, the Standard plan is available at $25 per user per month (with an annual commitment) or $45 monthly, which includes additional features such as collaborative commenting and custom branding options for up to 50 users. The Business Pro plan, geared towards even larger needs, costs $40 per user per month (annually) or $65 monthly, offering advanced features including in-person signing and bulk sending capabilities.

How Folderit eSign Supports Business Growth and Efficiency

By choosing Folderit eSign (and Folderit’s DMS), businesses not only benefit from reduced operational costs but also gain from enhanced efficiency and security. The seamless integration with Folderit’s DMS facilitates a smoother workflow, enabling documents to be signed, stored, and managed within a single platform. This consolidation of tasks reduces the complexity and time associated with managing multiple software solutions, accelerating the document handling process.

Furthermore, Folderit’s commitment to security ensures that every document signed using eSign is protected by advanced encryption methods. This, coupled with comprehensive documentation and robust verification features, provides businesses with the peace of mind that their documents are not only legally compliant but also secured against tampering and forgery.

Folderit eSign’s design caters to the global market, offering features that support international business operations. Its compliance with legal standards across various jurisdictions ensures that documents signed using Folderit eSign are recognized and enforceable worldwide. This global accessibility, combined with the solution’s cost-effectiveness, positions Folderit eSign as an ideal choice for businesses operating internationally, especially those in emerging economies looking for reliable and affordable electronic signature solutions.

Getting Started with Folderit eSign

Getting started with Folderit eSign is straightforward. Current Folderit users can easily activate eSign within their existing framework, benefiting from its integration into the Tailor pricing plan. New users are encouraged to explore the comprehensive features of Folderit’s DMS and eSign solution by signing up for the Tailor plan, which offers a holistic approach to document management and electronic signatures without the burden of additional costs.


Folderit eSign emerges not just as an alternative but as a paradigm shift for businesses seeking efficiency, security, and, importantly, affordability in their electronic signature solutions. By integrating eSign into its DMS Folderit addresses the crucial need for cost-effective digital tools in emerging markets and beyond. This strategic approach not only underlines Folderit's dedication to innovation and value but also positions it as a leading choice for businesses worldwide.

Note: It is important to know that Folderit also has a DocuSign Integration to allow our users to use the platform with DocuSign if they want to.

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