Best Small Business Document Management Software

Small Businesses Need Document Management

There are so many organizations that need the best small business document management software.

In US alone there are 28 million small businesses! But the definition itself is quite broad to tell the truth. The Small Business Administration considers every company with less than 500 employees to be a small business. Yet, approximately 50% of small businesses tend to be home-offices. So in this definition, the 450 employee enterprise sits next to a family cheese shop as a fellow small business.

There are of course some differences between the bigger and smaller of them. Every challenge a 1-5 people company faces, would be 100x bigger in the organizations that employ hundreds of people. But every organization faces very similar problems, the main difference being the scale of those.

Small Company Document Management System

Besides the vital challenges of finding and keeping employees, customers and partners, document management is massively important. It is something that can do a lot to help you with those aforementioned vital tasks. Keeping your documents well-managed is an important part of keeping your business well-managed. And that kind of businesses tend to appeal to both employees and clients.

Small Business Document Management Software Best

Best Small Business Document Management Software

Best small business document management software would do the following things the best:

  • Store your documents securely with encryption & backups
  • Make the documents accessible from everywhere, no matter your location or device
  • Make it easy to share specific documents and folders to co-workers, client and partners. While keeping permission management both simple and granular.
  • Help you find the documents just when you need it with OCR content search
  • Be easy to use
  • Cost as little as possible

Folderit document management system software for small businesses does that (and things like digital approval workflows, reminders, versioning, metadata, retention etc) exceptionally well. Your files are stored in secure 256-bit encrypted cloud servers, which makes them not only extremely safe but also accessible for you all over the world. The DMS is named  the most user-friendly in the world, having been built to be instantly intuitive. Plus it is quite possibly the most affordable. The one low fixed fee goes for your whole organization, and the pricing is not user-based! It is usual to charge around 10 USD per user per month for document management providers, but Folderit prices start from under 10 USD per the whole organization.

So sign up and start your 30-day absolutely free trial period now!