Monthly Archives: February 2024

Introducing Folderit eSign: Our Solution for E-Signatures

February 20, 2024
Jasper Hawthorne

Document management is evolving, as such Folderit has introduced a new on-platform solution that improves the way businesses and individuals handle document signatures. “Folderit eSign” is the latest addition to Folderit’s suite of document management tools, offering a quick, efficient, and secure method for electronic signatures (e-signatures). This innovative feature is designed to streamline the […]

Training Healthcare Staff for EDMS: Best Practices and Strategies

February 14, 2024
Jasper Hawthorne

The integration of Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) in healthcare signifies a critical leap towards digitalization and efficient data management. To realize the full benefits of EDMS, comprehensive and strategic training for healthcare staff is essential. 1. Customized Training for Diverse Roles Training should be tailored to the specific roles and responsibilities within the healthcare […]

Transitioning from Physical to Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS)

February 6, 2024
Mari Laatre,

Transitioning from physical to electronic document management systems (EDMS) is a necessary step for organizations aiming to enhance efficiency, security, and accessibility. This transition involves more than just digitizing physical documents; it's about rethinking how information is managed and accessed. 1. Assessing Current Document Management Practices Audit Existing Records: Begin by auditing your current physical […]

Maximizing Office Productivity with Document Management Systems (DMS)

February 1, 2024
Talha Ahmed Gill

Maximizing office productivity is a key objective for any organization. A crucial element in achieving this is the implementation and effective use of Document Management Systems (DMS). These systems are not just tools for storing and retrieving documents; they are integral to optimizing business processes, enhancing collaboration, and ensuring data security. 1. Centralized Document Storage […]