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docusign integration

Document Management System with DocuSign Integration

May 26, 2021

Folderit is backed up by a versatile automated approval workflow that allows users to acquire approvals on documents as per their process’ requirements. Folderit granted you the ability to get all digital approvals before a process comes through in any way you want. To add another layer of functionality to that feature is Folderit’s latest […]

How to Use Cloud Storage for Business

May 19, 2021
Mari Laatre,

Small businesses around the world now have easy and ubiquitous access to high-speed internet. These are the only prerequisites of cloud computing.

Document Control Software for Manufacturing

May 7, 2021

Manufacturing is the bridge that takes us from ideation to practicality. People get bright ideas for fancy inventions all the time, but until we manufacture it and see what has turned up, it won’t be anything more than just an idea.