If ever there was a department that was bogged down by too much documentation, it would have to be accounting. Accountants have to deal with everything from extensive financial statements to daily receipts and have to handle massive headaches come closing time.

Secure cloud storage for accounting firms
Secure cloud storage for accounting firms

Accounting firms, however, have to deal with that all the time for every single client. One of the greatest issues faced by an accounting firm is to ensure a platform where their client data can be processed, but also kept secure. For that reason, we need to trust really Secure Cloud Storage for Accounting Firms.

Highly Secure Cloud Storage for Accountants

Security is important for accountants because they cannot risk leaking their client’s data. To accomplish that they must protect it from any unauthorized access while also ensuring that the security does not bog down the productivity.

Document Management System Software for accountants uses Folderit’s cloud-based storage solution as a one-stop security solution that covers all these use-cases.

Folderit is protected by 256-bit bank level encryption. This level of security would take a modern supercomputer till the heat death of the universe to even get halfway to forcing its way into your system. Folderit can let you implement a password policy of your choice, which includes password length and frequency of change.

Folderit has locked up the system so tightly that even Folderit’s own developers cannot access a user’s account. 

While stored files and folders are secure where they lie, Folderit employs SSL Encryption when data needs to be transferred, which protects against any tampering during data transfer from one node to another. 

While it is important to note that all this security does not come at the detriment of efficiency. To access Folderit all you need is a working internet connection through any web-enabled smart device from anywhere in the world. Your secure cloud storage for accountants is accessible from a smartphone in Spain just as efficiently as a laptop in New Zealand. 

With this system, you can set up users and user-groups with varying degrees of permissions to the content. While it is important to have transparency, accounting firms understand that not everyone needs to be in on the process. Therefore, you can set it up such that your clients get access to certain areas, other stakeholders have preview-only rights while others work on the project in real-time. 

Secure and Safe

The added safety offered by a cloud storage solution is that you are free of worry from damage, loss, theft, or fault that could risk taking your entire library offline. With the average modern internet speed, a cloud solution in a metropolitan area is practically instantaneous. With a top-of-the-line cloud solution your content is backed up in 2 separate locations, so you have 3 copies of your data at all times, not counting any offline copies you have made.

Efficient and Simple

Now that the system is assured to be safe, you can focus on being productive without impediment. Accountants know the importance of being able to work an Excel file, especially in collaboration, which is highly possible because of Folderit’s integration with Microsoft Office 365 Integration (separate subscription required).

With an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enabled search feature you can use metadata, custom metadata, content, date, etc. to find your files, including read-only content such as scanned printed documents, receipts, images, PDF files. While searching, you can create associated files. That way when you fetch a file, you will get the associated files along with it.  

You can track audit trails such that anyone who has accessed a file, downloaded it, or changed it in any way is noted in a file along with the username. As a document evolves, it risks losing something important in all the back and forth. You can use file versioning to bring your system back online.

Folderit also allocates you a dedicated email address to which you can send content directly without having to worry about sorting the entire content manually and it automatically sorts directly into the folder with the content serving as metadata.


The sum total of the above solution is possible with Folderit’s Secure Cloud Storage for Accountants.

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