Folderit is proud to call Upstream Solutions, a Fuji Xerox company, a trusted reseller. Based out of Australia, they are a specialist print provider that were recognised, and acquired by Fuji Xerox Australia in 2010.

Upstream Solutions pride themselves on delivering the best technology and expertise from leading partnerships to their broad range of clients. We had the distinct pleasure of talking to Ms. Amala Haidar, Marketing Manager at Upstream Solutions and learned the following about their business.

Today, Upstream Solutions are recognised as experts in the field of document management, content and print solutions. Their technology includes Fuji Xerox, Lexmark, and HP hardware, and they have long-term software partnerships with M-Files, Papercut and Abbyy. They are also the trusted partner of many recognisable Australian brands, delivering flexible, cost-effective document solutions.

How Fuji Xerox acquired Upstream

There was a growing market for document solutions, and transition to digitisation from print. Ms. Amala Haidar said, “We were early to identify process challenges that businesses were facing and developed solutions to address them. Fuji Xerox Australia – one of the world’s leading document companies, recognised the value of Upstream’s innovative spirit and early adoption of document solutions and acquired Upstream as an important addition to their group.”

Today, Upstream Solutions are recognised as experts in the field of document management, content and print solutions.

How does a big company deliver the personal touch of a small company? 

“We’re big enough to deliver exceptional results, but small enough to keep our customers’ needs firmly in the equation.” Ms. Amala Haidar suggested. 

She added, “The backing of our parent company, Fuji Xerox Australia, along with our strong foundations, means we’re armed with the best people, partners, expertise and experience to provide dynamic solutions. We’re big believers in partnership and know that each of our solutions is better when delivered in collaboration with our customers, so relationship is a key driver.”

They are also focused on SMB’s and have identified the types of customers and key verticals who stand to most benefit from their solutions. Because they have developed a thorough understanding and in-depth experience of customer challenges within that space. They are able to quickly address the needs, customise the solutions and add real value. 

How did Upstream and Folderit join hands?

Ms. Amala Haidar told us, “We were looking to retire an internal Upstream file storage solution that we built and replace it with a similar functioning product.”  

They put forth three criteria to meet. 

  1. Affordable
  2. Full text searchability 
  3. Cloud based.  

She added, “Upon researching multiple options, Folderit not only met our requirements but was by far a superior product [compared] to many that we had explored.  It also provided extra value to our customers with additional functionality to our existing offering, and it also integrates with our solutions.”

With Folderit also focused on meeting market demands and providing exceptional products, this aligned with Upstream’s principles and so a partnership was born. 

What makes Folderit unique?

Ms. Haidar offered the following passage, 

“Folderit is a world class leader, and we’ve seen the product grow and expand to offer a first-grade solution. It is constantly evolving to meet the needs of business and allow more functionality to the end-user.

Usability – The ease of usability of Folderit is a great selling point for customers.

Partnership – For Upstream is the partnership with the Folderit team has been key highlight.  Having the ability to work directly with them as vendor and influence product has resulted in some terrific options and features. 

Innovation – [Their] enthusiasm [for] product development and innovation means that Folderit is constantly improving and delivering a superior, ever-evolving solution to the market.

API – Robust API allowing integration with other apps.  

Scalability – Available for any size customer, at an affordable rate.”

How has the Australian market fared during COVID? 

Upstream Solutions have seen a higher level of discussion around tools to help aid remote working, electronic storage, and cloud-based apps. “There’s also been an increase in interest in the transitioning traditional paper-based business processes to digital ones”, Ms. Amala Haidar added.

Where do you think Managed IT services are headed in the future?

Ms. Haidar was of the opinion that, “Everything ‘as a service’ seems to be the way forward.  Office365 is driving the trajectory, and traditional on premises offerings are now being challenged by newer solutions.

Big techs (Google/Amazon) are making features such as OCR and AI available to small businesses so it’s now more accessible for every business vs enterprise only.  There’s a push to drive everything ‘as a service’ and this is concept becoming more familiar and expected with customers.”

If you are a small to medium business operating in Australia, check out Upstream Solutions.