Monster Digital Solutions is a proud Folderit reselling partner based out of the USA. They deal in office equipment, managed print, and IT solutions. Their impressive client roster includes major brands the likes of RICOH, HP, Kyocera, Copystar, Toshiba, Canon, to name a few.

Monster Digital Solutions originally began operations in 2005 as OC Toner Pros and Cartridge World, as a small sized mom & pop store. Since then, they have grown, but have not lost focus of their customers in the slightest.  We had the incredible pleasure of having a conversation with Monster Digital’s Managing Director, Kunal Gorakshakar about the product and here is what we learned.

Growing with customers

In the 15-year journey that Monster Digital Solutions traveled from OC Toner Pros and Cartridge world is one informed by their appreciation for customers on similar journeys. As the world evolved over the last 15 years, they adapted to the changes and kept up with the times. Their approach to providing solutions is centered around creating and keeping satisfied customers. Monster Digital Solutions fully understands their customers and their needs, which is why they don’t push expensive upgrades that they might not need just to make a sale. They would rather grow with their customers, and any advanced technologies (hardware or software) they eventually sell will be because it would be in the customer’s best interest. 

Creating Opportunities

They have made great strides in their decade and a half of operation. A notable instance of which is based on their experience with medical offices. Their medical office clients rely very heavily on frequent printing. Monster Digital Solutions saw this as an opportunity to reduce costs through more economical copiers and printers to help reduce costs as well as helped improved internal functions to reduce paper.

Monster Digital Solutions helped reduce the quantity of printers their medical office clients used and put in larger commercial copiers to keep better control of their costs. They also added their managed print software which monitors their copiers and printers, allowing them to ship supplies on a timely basis and monitor their usage and error codes remotely. Offering this solution saved them over 25% in total printing costs.

On the subject of managed services, Monster Digital Solutions was in the market for a document management solution and they reached Folderit, because it was easy for their users to get onboard with while being affordable. Mr. Gorakshakar said, “Folderit brings a great solution to our customers, especially right now considering many businesses have employees working remotely. Working hand in hand with Folderit to grow in the United States is very exciting.”

Mr. Gorakshakar further appreciated Folderit’s OCR enabled search, that lets users locate files with using content and metadata, even for read-only files like PDFs, Scans, Images, etc. “Once, a customer sees how simple it can be [to find their] documents they would be lost without it” Mr. Gorakshakar added.

Remote Operations and the future

Speaking of working remotely, COVID has made it necessary for many businesses, including Monster Digital Solutions’ customers to work from home. Which has lifted their dependency on paper, as they are not using their office printers. However, adjusting with the times, Monster Digital Solutions proactively added a new MFP (multifunction printer) rental program that company employees could use for their remote setups. Adjusting on the run is why Monster Digital Solutions is running strong for 15 years running and likely many decades to come. However, COVID has enforced people to change how they work one way or another. 

It is unlikely that office’s dependance on equipment is going away anytime soon. Copiers, printers, and scanners are always going to be necessary in the modern business environment. The nature of Monster Digital Solutions’ business dictates that if people are rapidly going paperless, then demand for printers will decrease, however, demand for scanners will increase. Small scale scanners are incapable of meeting the demands of a business environment (speed and capacity limitations). To intercept the new future, Monster Digital Solutions are working to create a complete office solution using hardware and software that businesses can use remotely or from their offices.

According to Mr. Gorakshakar, “By improving productivity and efficiency of your office, you’re better able to control spending and dedicate those resources to business building activities. We look forward to equipping your business with all the tools and support it needs to grow and succeed.”

So, if you are operating a business out in the USA, check out our trusted partner Monster Digital Solutions.