COVID-19 was declared a pandemic not just for its health risks, but also because it was going to change (and has changed) how we all live our lives. This created opportunities for businesses to explore ways of remaining viable, without risking anyone’s health and safety.

Working remotely, despite being popular since the late 90’s turned out to have almost no impact on productivity and that brought people’s attentions to remote working productivity tools.

The biggest areas that require attention while working remotely using productivity tools:

  1. Content Generation/management
  2. Document management/cloud storage
  3. Communication
  4. Task management

For each, we recommend the following solutions.

Microsoft Office 365 is a great tool for content generation and management

This entry needs neither introduction nor review. It has been a part of our computing experience for decades now. Despite being considered a simple office document management tool, Microsoft Office 365, when fully utilized is nothing short of an enterprise management solution. Where Microsoft Word can handle all your text needs, Microsoft Excel can handle all of your financial, inventory, and small-scale ERP needs, Microsoft PowerPoint is already great for presentations, but with some ingenuity, you could use it to record demonstrations or even create some simple animations. Folderit supports integration with Microsoft Office 365 so you can collaborate on both platforms. 

Folderit will fit all your online document storage needs

Folderit is a highly flexible document management platform designed to address a wide array of storage and documentation needs and integrates perfectly with Microsoft Office 365. It is hyper secure with 256-bit bank level encryption, transfers content using SSL Encryption to ensure no content is lost. Folderit also comes into its own with features like Access control, where you can designate users, or user-groups with complete, partial, or view-only access to your documents. 

Folderit also offers OCR enabled search that lets you find content from your documents and folders, but also from read-only content, like images, PDFs, scans, etc. Folderit also offers automatic approval workflow which lets you set up a system where you can acquire approvals for your documents automatically, without having to alert anyone. Folderit also features a retention period, which helps keep a document alive for a specific duration, this comes in handy for legal matters. Folderit also features audit-trails that lets you keep track of which document was accessed by which user and when. 

Folderit features a tonne of other highly useful features that help accelerate the growth of small and medium businesses.

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Discord is a crucial communication and remote working productivity tool

Emails tend to become large clusters of back and forth communication that, with time, get harder and harder to sift through. They are quire reliable, but only to a certain degree. While numerous instant messaging platforms exist, Discord has proven to be the most efficient and versatile with plenty of room for integration with third-party apps.

Discord is usually associated with gaming, however, it is a community platform that uses channels (similar to Slack) to manage teams and create conversations. It also features an audio video chat component that can also serve as a livestream, or a conferencing solution.

Despite is a large eco-system as a whole, but it lets you create your own server, which works like an isolated work space for however many people you deem necessary, in which you can configure and customize channels, add/remove users, and create ranking systems.

For work, this can help simplify communication between teams and departments, without interfering with one another, while simulating an office space.

Trello is a great tool for managing tasks

Trello lets you create boards with jobs and tasks that you can assign to teammates and members. This helps accelerate project management. When it comes to work, a side project, or even a personal project, Trello helps teams divide or delegate tasks equally and efficiently. Trello boards help you square up your work in card form, allowing people the ability to get a quick glance at which tasks are sorted by which column. Allowing for an honest assessment of where the work stands at a glance.

Trello also connects with third-party apps like Slack, Cloud Storage, Calendar, Map, and a whole host of others to give you an all-round project management solution that meets most of your needs.