Remote work was on the rise long before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. While Metropolitan areas usually don’t have much to complain about vis-à-vis internet speeds, it is quite another tale for people residing in remote areas.

The farther one goes from a major metropolitan area, the more likely they are to experience terrible connectivity, reduced speeds, limited bandwidth, and questionable latency. To remedy this situation, Elon Musk’s Space X has created Starlink, a low latency high-speed satellite internet that enables connectivity anywhere in the world with a clear view of the sky. This brings us to a world where people can work remotely using Starlink and Folderit.

Elon Musk’s proposed plan to create a satellite-enabled low latency carpet of internet connectivity around the world is fast becoming a reality with Starlink. As more and more satellites are being launched into orbit (1200 as of the writing of this article), the stronger and faster these connections will become.

The idea is to help bring connectivity to people who would otherwise have no means of getting online. People who’ve lived in remote mountains have been able to get their hands on a pre-ordered connection and they already have unprecedented access. All without ruining any surrounding infrastructure. 

Starlink has referred to their public beta test as, “Better Than Nothing Beta”, and it has been a significant hit with people living in remote areas of the northern US when it first rolled out. As of 

Starlink’s public beta test, known as “Better Than Nothing Beta,” has been a big hit with those living in remote areas of northern US, where it was first rolled out. There are currently 5 million users of Starlink and that number along with satellites will only climb.

Easier to Work Remotely

One of the biggest advantages of Folderit is that it is ubiquitous, and on the cloud, so you can access it from anywhere in the world with any device, as long as you have an internet connection. In areas where internet connectivity is weak, there is a lighter version that can be accessed. However, with the advent of Starlink, people living up in mountain ranges inside of a hut will have access to the internet, making remote processes easier than ever to implement.

Even though trends suggest otherwise, a reliable internet connection is an ongoing challenge for urban and rural communities, especially in distant locations. Despite a staggering 4.66 Billion active internet users, not all have equal access. However, a business that focuses on remote teams would not want to lose out on the opportunity to work with qualified professionals just because of a weak connection.

Easier to Collaborate

A team can collaborate on documents using Folderit as easily as they would in person. The documents are live, interactive, and depending on your policies worked on in parallel by a group of users. For mid-sized technology companies and small-scale tech startups, having the confidence that your team has consistent internet access anywhere on the planet.

This is especially handy for operations that require constant approvals. You can set up your documents such that anyone with the authority to grant approvals can do so at a distance either all at once or sequentially, with DocuSign, the entire process can output official documentation. 

Secure Operations

The biggest concern with taking your teams remote is that each remote terminal represents a potential vulnerability of your system. The more people that are logged in, the more exposed your system to unauthorized access. However, Folderit is built with exactly such situations, rendering tampering a distant worry. 

Folderit’s content is so protected that even Folderit’s own teams cannot access users’ content. This is because the content is encrypted using 256-bit bank-level security, which in real-time would take billions upon billions of years to get through. Additionally, all data transferring in and out of the system are protected under a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, so all communications and transfers in and out of the system are protected as well. So, you can be assured that no matter the location, your content is safe and sound. 

Moreover, Folderit is set up such that only authorized users can have access to different kinds of content. For example, you can have certain teams collaborate on an MS Word Document (Microsoft Office 365 Subscription required separately) that other teams can supervise with read-only access, while nobody else can even see if the content exists.


Starlink is built to enable remote areas to work more proficiently, and Folderit is designed to help remote operations run as if they are being run in person. Both are practically built for each other.

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