Patrice Ranson Consulting is a consulting firm based out of Lisses, France who offer ERP and software solutions, business management consulting support, social solutions and recruitment, and trainings to small and medium enterprises in France. And they are a proud Folderit reseller. 

We were in conversation with the founder of Patrice Ranson Consulting, Mr. Patrice Ranson about his business and operations, and we were pleased to learn quite a bit.

Early Life of Patrice Ranson Consulting

Based in Lisses, France Patrice Ranson Consulting facilitate and ensure the installation, configuration, and maintenance of their clients’ business management software, cash register and/or reporting software. They pride themselves at being able to afford the best price throughout the South of the Ile-de-France, and Paris. Business management and management IT have been part of their DNA for over 10 years, and they deal mainly in SMEs/SMIs, traders and artisans. They even have a few large companies as clients. 

Mr. Patrice Ranson had worked for 7 years as part of a well-known International Group as CFO when he decided to opt for the entrepreneurial route. This was the precursor to him founding the Patrice Ranson Consulting firm in 2009.

The Growth of Patrice Ranson Consulting

When asked how he was able to achieve success in the consulting business, Mr. Patrice Ranson shared his insight, “Our growth has been deliberately slow. Indeed, we give a priority to the quality of our interventions. It’s important to take the time necessary to train our consultants. We are very proud to say that our customers are our first source to bring in new customers.”

In a world where people pursue a large market cap and maximizing bottom lines, Mr. Patrice saw the opportunity in investing on people. His consultants are highly trained and qualified, and his customers know they can rely on the received services time and time again. Even if that doesn’t translate to unicorn status, it is not the utmost priority. 

Surviving the Pandemic

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, where the entire world was undergoing an unprecedent change and France was no different. Large companies are pressing the government of France for business loans to keep their operations running, in response to which the European Commission announced the approval of the France’s plan to guarantee up to $350 billion in state to aid to ease the economic burden due to COVID-19 outbreak. It has delayed development especially in the power sector, and the agri-food industry. Some extreme forecasts proved to be false, such as one suggesting that 15% of France’s business will shut down by the end of 2020.

Patrice Ranson Consulting’s own operations have had to rethink the way of organizing, sharing information and their overall decision-making processes have been impacted by the pandemic. Patrice Ranson Consulting have learned that SMEs, especially in the Paris area, “are now looking for affordable and secure solutions to run their business”, Mr. Ranson said. He also highlighted that remote work is becoming increasingly popular. 

The path to Folderit

Mr. Patrice Ranson said, “we first found Folderit after a long research on the Internet. We had identified 4 competitors and we naturally asked for demonstration to make objective comparisons. [We found Folderit] matching our customers’ needs and budget; so we decided to select move forward with Folderit.”

For a company that is so customer-centric, it was important for Patrice Ranson Consulting to partner with a firm that shares their vision for quality of service and customer satisfaction.

Moving forward, Mr. Patrice Ranson forecasts a bright future ahead and they plan on becoming the go-to solution for DMS throughout all of Paris. 

Folderit is very proud to call Patrice Ranson Consulting a reseller partner. If you are in France and in search for a DMS solution, reach out to Patrice Ranson Consulting.