Small Business Accounting Tips

5 Essential Tips for Your Small Business Accounting

Kent March 31, 2018

There’s a saying among business people that the job isn’t done until the paperwork is finished, but this is a step that’s too often neglected. From a corner lemonade stand to a thriving retail shop, from a lawn mowing to contracting, keeping good records is an essential part of any business.

Document Management System with OCR

Document Management System with OCR

Kent March 26, 2018

Folderit document management system has added a new utility: OCR. OCR stands for optical character recognition and is a key part of converting pages of scanned text to documents that computers can read.

office manager job skills

Top 5 Skills to Become a Better Office Manager

Kent March 18, 2018

Office manager can be a catch-all title that has you answering phones, handing out assignments, checking on projects and coping personality conflicts. Some days, you might think you are herding cats through a blazing building.

optimize business for mobile

8 Ways to Optimize Your Small Business for a Mobile World

Mari Laatre March 15, 2018
Mari Laatre,

A large number of small businesses do not have a mobile app or mobile friendly websites. The vast majority of those that have, their mobile platforms are not optimized. Today, every entrepreneur has to understand that businesses, including the small businesses, should have mobile consciousness at its core.

Scanned document organizer

Scanned Document Organizer

Avatar March 11, 2018
Donna Tallman,

Let me share a few thoughts about a scanned document organizer. Even in this digital age, not all business records can begin in electronic format. Invoices, lists, documents, blueprints and more might begin their life as paper copies. Over time, all that paper adds up. It requires filing cabinets or similar storage – or does […]

Choosing Business Software Folderit

6 Things to Keep in Mind
When Choosing Business Software

Kent February 3, 2018

There are three key questions to ask when choosing software: Will it save me money? Will it make my job easier? Will it be cost-effective in the long term? To determine the answer to these questions, you might ask yourself why it is that you are considering the software.

Document Management Pharmaceutical

Document Management for Pharmaceutical

Kent January 21, 2018

Nowhere will you find a more essential function than document management for pharmaceutical. Whether the focus is on research and development of new medicines, pharmaceuticals for hospitals or medicines dispensed from your local family pharmacy, staying on top of the various supplies, compounds and items dispensed is essential.

Document management for teams

Document Management for Teams

Isabelle Zammit January 17, 2018
Isabelle Zammit,

Communication has become a huge part of today’s business world. It might be verbally or in print, but anything that must wait more than one day is considered glacially slow in our digitally driven environment.

Document Management Vendor Folderit

Document Management Vendor

Mari Laatre January 16, 2018
Mari Laatre,

A document management vendor is a company that sells a product that manages documents and often sells space for managing documents as well. Folderit is a cloud-based document management company that also acts as the document management vendor.

Document manager job description

Document Manager Job Description

Kent January 12, 2018

A good document manager description is a person who designs and tracks the behavior and performance of documents in your business operations. No matter how large or how small your business is, document management is an essential part of it.