Online Document Sharing Software becomes handy when you have a lot of documents (which every organization and even individual does) that need to be made available to others. Either for them to see or to collaborate in some form or another.

Online Document Sharing Software
Document Sharing Software

You don’t always want to share each document individually but might feel like sharing a whole folder full of documents and other folders.

It is pretty hard if not downright impossible to do that with a local machine reliably. You want the system to be online all the time, to make it certain it stays accessible to all parties all the time. That’s why you need Online Document Sharing Software. Folderit is exactly that and actually more as it takes your digitital document management on a whole new level. For one of the most affordable prices out there!

So you can store all your files in a secure server, add additional metadata to make it easier for your to associate with other files and make them even more easily findable later, set reminders, start approval workflows and more. But in the heart of all this document management and collaboration are the Sharing features.

You can choose to share on all levels of the hierarchy you have created — individual document, folder, section (main folder) and your whole account! And choose if your collaborator has the permission to view the document only, or to modify its metadata and have the rights to share the file or folder in turn.

So you choose what you share, to whom you share and with what kind of access right you do it. The files are encrypted in Folderit server and the whole communication between computers and the online document sharing software is protected by SSL. Check out the whole set of features Folderit offers and the unparalleled pricing of the plans.