How to Store Important Documents Online

If you are still storing your important personal and financial documents in a shoebox under your bed or on a shelf at workplace, you seriously need to reconsider and upgrade your document storage practices. 

All your documents including personal documents like wills, trusts, real estate titles, and business documents are important to you and should always be kept in a safe and secure repository. The same applies to your digital assets, social media accounts details and passwords. 

You not only need to store the important data in a secure place but ensure that the documents are accessible whenever they are needed in an emergency.

The Downside of Offline Physical Document Storage 

There are indeed many ways to store your documents but for a combination of security and ease of access, we highly recommend an online cloud document storage solution. 

The junk drawer in your kitchen or even a fireproof safe at work won’t just cut it in the 21st century. A fireproof safe is indeed affordable, available in a range of sizes, and may protect your paper documents and valuables in case of a fire. 

However, a physical or offline document storage solution such as a fireproof safe or safe deposit box comes with a theft risk and cannot hold against a major disaster such as a tornado or hurricane. It is also difficult to keep your documents well-organized in a physical safe, fireproof or not. 

More importantly, you cannot access your documents from a different location in a hurry. You won’t even have the ability to share the documents while collaborating with your staff or other members of your family.

Cloud Document Storage is the Answer

Have you ever stopped to consider what you would do if your laptop was damaged beyond repair? You would lose all the files and documents saved in the laptop but not if you had saved the files and documents on online cloud storage. 

Cloud computing comes with many benefits besides keeping your data safe. It gives you easy access to your documents anywhere in the world. You can even share files with your employees or other members of your team in a more organized and safer collaborative way. Cloud document storage also makes it easier to manage and control access to your personal or business data. 

Data storage today has migrated from personal computers and company servers to the cloud. The cloud provides a safer, more convenient, and better method of storing and managing data. 

While most small SMEs rely on their in-house servers to store their ever-growing amount of data, many businesses are now turning to the cloud as the safest and most effective data storage solution. 

With a good cloud storage and DMS company such as Folderit, individuals and SMEs enjoy benefits such as:

  • Flexibility and automation that address your increasing data storage needs as your business grows.
  • An effective and easily accessible remote work solution
  • The best possible data security measures
  • Easier and more convenient way to manage and control access to your data
  • An easier and more effective way to organize and locate any document instantly, thanks to the powerful OCR search feature
  • Faster workflow approval
  • Ability to access your documents on-the-go via mobile
  • Transparency and accountability with audit trail

Folderit provides both small and medium-sized businesses with affordable, secure, and easy to access cloud document storage solutions. 

The solutions designed to help SMEs enhance collaboration between different teams, increase productivity, and reduce operating costs. It is easy to start stroing your documents online — start your 30 day free no-obligations trial at