Document Repository System Software

Document Repository System Software

Document repository system software needs to take the central role when you have an evergrowing number of digital documents (files) and the need to keep them stored safely and yet accessibly for the designated people. It needs to be secure against external disasters and direct attacks, cyber crime.

So it definitely can’t be just that one computer, sitting in the corner of the office. That would be extremely vulnerable to what ever bad happens to the office physically, who ever breaks in and just how long exactly do the harddrives keep on running. The computer hard-drives are guaranteed to work for much less time than you care to know. It is also very difficult and unreliable to access the files on it remotely that way.

Document Repository Software Folderit

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But the good news is, there is a lot better solution available. Folderit document repository (see the affordable pricing). It gives your team, clients and partners an excellent way to collaborate on stored documents and get updated about the changes or added files. You have the central storage space to share with your team and only you can decide on which level the sharing is done exactly. Who sees what, who has the ability to access which folders or specific files and if they can add or modify the files in your folders. It’s all perfectly traceable and reliable.

You’re out of office when you need to access your document repository? Not a problem! Folderit document repository system software not only works on mobile too, but the connection is always secured by SSL, like with online banks. And the storage space you use is basically the securest you can imagine — cloud datacenter with extremely strong 256-bit encryption.

With Folderit you can also create digital document approval workflows for invoices and applications, set up reminders for contracts, add metadata with custom fields and so much more.