Document management system software for retail

Document management system software for retail

Folderit is an amazing document management system for retail. While it might seem as if a retail business shouldn’t have that many documents to manage, it really does have quite an array of paperwork – ranging from receipts for sales and purchases, right on up through payroll and building management. Handling, managing, tracking, and storing paper documents can become quite a chore; managing digital data also has its drawbacks. That is where this cloud managed folder system becomes truly amazing.

Document Management System for Retail — Folderit

All retail companies have certain similarities: they sell goods or services to the public, they purchase goods from wholesalers, there must be someone to manage sales – whether it is online or face-to-face, and there must also be some sort of infrastructure. Even if – perhaps especially if – you are running a dropshipping operation, document management will be an important part of your operations. You need your information ready at hand, at all times to make answering questions, looking up receipts, tracking packages and much more as easy as texting on your cell phone.

How Folderit Can Help

Folderit is an online cloud solution that allows you to easily store and manage your document management system for retail. With its folder system, you can set up files in layers of access, you can collaborate on projects, and you can organize both your sales and your purchases easily. In addition, you can quickly and easily manage communication, including email, reminder notices, and collaboration. Your files will be accessible from any place with an Internet connection.

Using the Folder System

Folderit comes with four premade folders, or sections. The first is your inbox. You can quickly and easily send any document to your inbox using your dedicated Folderit email. Just attach it to the email, and it will show up in your inbox. This can be used for invoices, receipts, contracts, and more. Once the document is in the Folderit Inbox, you can share it, edit it, or save it to a local device. You can also add metadata, such as who has signed it, tags and notes. You can even append reminders, like, “Make sure John sees this by 1/10/18,” or “Ask Mary to sign this before 8:30 Tuesday,” or set reminders for a due date. You can invite people to participate in a project, or tell them that they have access to certain files.

Setting Up Your Files

The other premade folders include Accounting, Human Resources, Projects and Partners. These are common divisions for nearly any business, but they might not fit all businesses and of course you can customize them. Delete, rename and add news ones. Again, your cloud folders can easily be customized to your needs.

If the premade folders do not fit, you can change the labels to match your operations. For example, an organic grocery store might have a folder for wholesale suppliers. Specific contracts might include when certain fruits and vegetables will be in season. If the store has a restaurant attached, there might be a corresponding menu and recipe file for seasonal food servings. By changing the labels, you can quickly set up your document management system for retail, with labels, tags and metadata that work with your business.

Labels, Tags, and Metadata

Labels, tags,and metadata make it easy for computers to search through documents and flag out the ones you need for an invoice, a product order, or a report. They make it easy to group required materials together, and they shorten the length of time it takes a computer to locate documents. Metadata can also include things such as signatures, due dates, specific notes, and more. You can add your own tags and metadata as easily as changing the labels on the folders. Metadata helps describe the kinds of documents that are in a folder, and tags make it easy to group them together. You can also create approval workflows for invoices and

A Cloud Folder System for Your Business

In today’s business world, you need accurate, efficient record keeping that is responsive and easy to use. Folderit is designed to enhance record keeping for small to medium-sized businesses by making your business no farther away than your cell phone at any time. Easily create and send invoices from remote job locations, and communicate with partners and co-workers halfway around the world with ease.

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