Document Management System Functionalities

Document Management System Functionalities

Document management system functionality is an imperative part of any cloud storage or cloud service system. There are a number of cloud services available on the Internet these days, and more are being created all the time. You can track your personal spending with apps for your mobile phone, you can play word games with a friend from halfway around the world, you can even attach a security device to your child who has requested to visit the park alone – and not feel quite as terrified that Something Bad Might Happen while your independent youngster is out of sight. But one of the most important things that the Internet does, and it does it very well, is to provide document management systems.

What is Functionality?

Functionality is the degree to which something operates as expected to fulfill its intended role. Document management system functionality refers to how well a DMS fulfills its intended role – or does not, as the case might be. 

So what would functionality for a DMS look like? 

It would include:

  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • Communication


Storing documents is a less than valuable feature if you will have difficulty accessing them. Accessibility means not only being able to upload or download items but to be able to search through them, locate relevant materials using keywords, and to be able to edit, save versions, and discuss changes. It can even mean being able to track change permissions and to get signatures needed for a process or event.


Security is a several step process but it begins with having a foundation of good encryption and a secure SSL connection. It also includes coaching your people in good habits such as setting good passwords or passphrases, and developing proactive habits such as if they must save passwords, to save them to a USB external drive that can be removed from the system completely. Staff members should also be cautioned against sharing passwords or passcodes. Too often security problems arise not from the technology, but from a trusting person.


Communication is greatly facilitated by using a document management system. Instead of having a large office meeting to discuss a change, it can be circulated through a shared folder in the DMS. Many document management systems include an email service or even a chat service. This can promote quick discussions of an issue while it is new and fresh. 

Tracking Signatures

The DMS email can also be used to track signatures needed for a document or process. For example, if three people need to sign approval of a bill, then the necessary permissions can be quickly circulated, and the bill can then be paid. Tracking signatures can be a valuable time-saver for businesses because there is less time for a document to become misplaced during the process. 

Increased Efficiency for Collaboration

An excellent application of an online document management system is increasing the efficiency of collaboration. No need to wake a co-worker who lives in a different time zone to share an inspired piece of information. Just drop the idea in the shared work folder, and send an email reminder to greet the sleeping person when he or she awakes. Information can be shared, discussed and examined through lapsed-time communication without disruption of the other persons’ workday.

Folderit combines all these facets of document management system functionality in one package for your convenience. Information is easy to upload, download and edit online. Different versions can be easily saved or discarded as the need arises. We backup your material three times, but you are welcome to download and save your own backup as many times as you wish during a day. As part of the package, we include the ability to add metadata, which is information about the data that is stored, as well as tags that can facilitate searching for a variety of documents that share similar information or cover a specific topic. 

Functionality is essential when striving to be the best, and the best is what we hope to offer you – every time and all the time. Your information, secure, available, serviceable, with some extras like signature tracking thrown in on the side.