Document management for healthcare

Folderit document management for healthcare

Nowhere is the need for accurate, confidential, secure information storage more necessary than in healthcare. Folderit is an ideal document management system for healthcare, where needs include confidentiality, accessibility, flexibility, and sometimes immediate access. Whether you are running a small hospital, a medical office or an emergency service, there are many reasons why Folderit will work well as your document management system for healthcare.

Folderit: An Ideal Document Management System for Healthcare

  • File Sharing: With Folderit it is easy to share files and folders for collaboration, yet patient privacy and confidentiality can be protected so that only the right person can look at them. Files can even have layers of security so that various people can work on them at different levels of access.
  • Workflow: Need several people to sign off on a document? Nothing is easier than passing a document from one person to another for checking and signing off on it. Our document management system for helthcare makes it easy to track documents and to see who has signed off on a project and who has not, and their comments on why they decided as they did.
  • Activity Notifications: It is easy to set up notifications for when something has changed and requires attention, such as letting patients know that they have an upcoming appointment or that the end of a critical prescription is coming. Notification can also be set up to detect when something is unusual.
  • Reminders: Ease the fear of being late with any paperwork. Patients are charged for missing appointments; it does nothing to bolster your reputation as a medical practitioner if you forget about a contract or any other document – something that is easy to do with the numbers of people you have to deal with each day.
  • Metadata: Easily set up tags, labels, and descriptions that help sort information and keep track of documents. Say goodbye to filing errors, lost documents, and unsorted streams of information that can take hours to sift through to find the item needed. Create your own designations that work for your office.
  • Version Control: Need to retain information from an older document but don’t want to have it in the current one? Want to track changes in data for a patient or for building development? You can upload a new document without fear of losing older material. This makes it easy to see progression whether it is how that new office building is coming along or how a patient’s health is changing.
  • Powerful Search: Even with a state-of-the-art metadata system, things can become mislaid or buried in an avalanche of similar items. A search that allows you to enter keywords to find data can cut hours off.
  • Backup: Your stored documents are safe in our cloud; but you can download them to a local storage unit at any time to have your own set of saved backup files.
  • Accessible: You can use a wide variety of devices to access your materials, ranging from the standard desktop computer to mobile devices, such as cell phones or tablets.
  • Role Splitting: Set up roles to manage your personal life as well as your professional life. Remember birthdays, holidays and lunches with those near and dear to you, as well as your professional appointments.
  • Safe & Secure: This is a big one for a document management system for healthcare. Your documents are uploaded or downloaded via a secure SSL connection. It is encrypted using 256-bit AES methods. Should your offices be vandalized or impacted by natural disasters, your data is safe and available. In today’s environment of digital record keeping and extreme focus on confidentiality, these are prime considerations for your healthcare organization or business.
  • Save costs with cloud software as a service
Folderit offers the ability to enhance your professional standing through use of a solid, well-developed document management system. From the initial entries made by your front desk receptionist to sensitive medical records essential for your patients’ well-being, we can store, sort, encrypt and make accessible to authorized persons all the items you need to manage your healthcare facility. Folderit can be set up to accommodate your current record keeping systems and to be compatible with industry standard record keeping codes. We understand your needs, which can range from making their personal records accessible to patients to keeping in touch with national and international medical developments. We firmly believe that our system will enhance your operations in every way. Try Folderit DMS for Free! (no credit card required)