Banking is among the few businesses that have a heavy reliance on document management. A custom-built, yet highly functional document management system for banks can end up costing a fortune without offering a significant leg up over what is already available in the market.

Feature Rich

Folderit offers you some of the most advanced features of any DMS. You have access to a powerful OCR-powered search feature that lets you access any type of stored media even if it is read-only, like PDF, Scan, or an image. Coupled with metadata and custom metadata, and associated files, locating documents becomes very easy. You also have approval workflows that let you get documents approved from a hierarchy in any order of your choosing. You get Access Control, audit logs to ensure that your content is only as accessible as you allow it. Folderit also comes with a Microsoft Office 365 integration as well as DocuSign integrations (separate subscriptions to each service required) making remote work as seamless as if you’re sitting right next to each other. You can also create file versions (that retain metadata as they evolve) as well as set up notifications for any number of actions pertaining to documentation. All of this is easily accessible from any device with web access, from a budget smartphone to even the most powerful supercomputers with equal ease.

Safe and Secure

Modern banking serves as the benchmark for security needs. Any banking process, internal or external needs to be completely secure, otherwise, why would people trust these institutions with their hard-earned money? Folderit offers 256-bit encryption, which would take even the most powerful modern supercomputer billions and billions of years to try and crack. Additionally, all communication going in and out of the system is encrypted using SSL. This means nobody can access the data unless they have the proper authorization. To protect that end of the operations, Folderit can help enforce a strong and secure password policy, from password length, type, and how frequently it should be changed.

While a standard Folderit application is kept secure in an AWS Data Center that backs up your data in triplicate, for safety, Folderit can easily become a hybrid solution to suit your processing needs. Here’s how.

Hybrid Solution

Folderit’s award-winning DMS can be customized and ported out to your system, under your private brand, complete with your own logo, we can easily facilitate such a collaboration. In this implementation, the system and database will be hosted by Folderit, while the file storage will take place on the client’s premises. This way you get your private security solution for your data with Folderit’s servers, giving your incredible security and the fastest task completion time possible, all in an easy-to-use, highly user friendly (award-winning user-friendliness actually) solution.

You can even host this solution on your private web domain. That way, Folderit handles the maintenance, while you can focus on your operations.

Full On-premises solution

We understand that there might be cases where a business might need the entire sum of the solution to operate from their premises, Folderit can help you accomplish that as well. Folderit can install a completely independent and isolated version of our latest build to a system of your choice. This will be a standalone implementation with your host for content as well as management. 

It will be yours to use and implement as you please. This can be especially useful for any bank with multiple branches that wish to use a ubiquitous, yet flexible solution.

In this solution, Folderit will provide updates and technical support (under a services subscription) that includes software updates and security fixes (it is a constantly evolving field), as well as new functionalities as they develop. Folderit can also provide updates such that Folderit need not even touch the client’s system, where technical teams can be trained on how to install update packages. The good news is that there is no downtime on most updates, and Folderit uses red-black deployment for these updates, which is designed to be unnoticeable to users.

If you need to learn more about how Folderit’s most user-friendly, intuitive, and fastest-to-work-in experience and security document management system can be part of your business, please contact us.