Real Estate Document Management Software

Real Estate Document Management Software

Why is document management for real estate an important aponsideration for realtors? One of the most common sights in most real estate firms is endless piles of paperwork from legal forms, contracts, disclosures, agreements, property brochures, and so much more. The amount of paperwork involved in the real estate industry can gradually crowd your office and eat up a lot of precious space that could have otherwise been used for more productive purposes. Keep in mind that the United States Real Estate Commission demands that you maintain all the paperwork involved in all transactions conducted in the last 5 years. You have to keep the documents in good condition for legal proceedings that may arise in the future. This makes it imperative to have an efficient document management system for your real estate business.

Folderit, the winner of Capterra’s DMS software test, provides the most efficient document management for real estate systems to help you stay organized, search and find documents on time, and generally ensure that you have all the necessary paperwork at your fingertips when handling a real estate transaction.

Without an efficient real estate document management system, your business suffers from constant problems associated with slow document retrieval, lost invoices, misplaced leases, disorganized mortgage notes, unsecured sharing of property titles, inaccessible financial agreements etc. Your staff and overall company’s productivity is severely affected without proper storage and flow of documents.

Folderit document management software eliminates such inconsistencies by storing and managing all your documents from a central cloud-based repository. You can then access, manage, and process important documents such as contracts, surveys, titles, sales reports, and leases from this secure location quickly and more effectively.

Benefits of Document Management for Commercial Real Estate

Document management system for real estate

Document management system for real estate

Folderit document management software provides numerous benefits for real estate firms. The system helps your firm to increase efficiency, close your sales faster, and keep all your business documents well organized for easier retrieval and tracking.

All your commercial real estate company documents are kept in one secure cloud-based location. Everything from offers, contracts, appraisals, sales reports, and titles, to disclosures and loan agreements can easily be managed and accessed from a single location.

When you eliminate the challenges of manual processes and endless search for physical paper documents, you increase transaction speeds, reduce potential mistakes, and close deals faster. You’ll achieve all these benefits at a lower cost than you’d pay a team of employees to keep track of all your company’s documents.

Folderit cloud document management for real estate gives you access to every important document from anywhere and every time you want. You can access information on the go via your laptop or mobile device. You’ll have all the information regarding a given property at your fingertips even while taking prospects for a viewing.

A document management system for real estate firms helps you build better relationships with your clients too. A majority of both home buyers and sellers have gone digital and prefer to submit their documents in digital form. They expect to receive documents in digital copies from you too. With Folderit cloud document software, you too can build your own digital real estate office from where you can send documents to clients faster and more efficiently. This professional approach to business helps to foster better relations with clients.

There is also the obvious advantage of saving on storage space when you go digital and store your documents in a central cloud repository. Folderit helps you free up more storage space in your workplace, which could be used for other equally useful purposes.

Security is a critical issue in storage and management of documents. Folderit not only provides you with encrypted security for your documents to prevent unauthorized access but gives you secure data backups too. You’ll still have all your documents stored in an external location intact even if a fire razes down your office.

Folderit gives you the easiest paperless document management solution for real estate agents and brokers. It is a complete solution that provides secure scanning, storage, and retrieval of important documents in digital format. The service is designed to help real estate agents, brokers, mortgage, and lenders with an easy seamless transfer of documents in real time. It is a cloud document management system you can count on to store, manage, share, and track the flow of all your real estate documents.

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