Document Management Software Nonprofit

Document Management Software Nonprofit

Document management for nonprofit organizations (DMS for NPOs) is exactly as important as document management for any business or organization out there. But there are some nuances that make a proper document management software for non-profits perhaps even more essential.

Many small businesses are highly local for example, but non-profits tend to have members and partners all scattered around the nation or even around the world. So while a small business might get by with a locally installed document management system software (although it would be a terrible idea nowadays), then non-profits have all the reasons to take the step into the modern age and start using a cloud-based online document management sofware. Document management for charity or other causes must be secure and accessible at the same time.

Nonprofit Document Management Software, the Best Document Management for Nonprofit

What makes a cloud-based software so suitable for non-profits is the fact that it is always online, always accessible and it does not matter at all where are you located physically when you need the access any of the documents stored in you document management software. And an online DMS is also device agnostic–you can access your files on your computer, a tablet or a smartphone!

As a non-profit you surely have a lot of partners and collaborators who need access to some parts of your document management system as well. Some project managers who need access to a certan projects’ folders to get files from and to add new documents. Accountants who need to acces the invoices and other bookkeeping documents and so on.

With Folderit document management for nonprofit organizations, you can share documents and folders anytime, anywhere, granting and revoking permissions on the fly. You and your collaborators can store documents in a secure 256-bit AES encrypted servers based in Ireland, keep different versions of the same documents, share files, add reminders and metadata. It even includes a approval workflow feature to make approving documents digitally extremely easy, fast, and transparent.

And the price is pretty much unbeatable — starting from just 19 EUR per month for your whole non-profit organization!

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