logistics document management system

Folderit is Perfect DMS for Logistics

Folderit is the perfect storage and collaboration solution for your document management for logistics. A truer sentence than this has never been written, but you should not be expected to take it at face value. At the very least, it demands an explanation of terms, as well as some corroborating evidence of its veracity.

To this end, let’s begin at the end of the sentence and work our way backward through the terms.

Document Management for Logistics Defined

Logistics is defined by the Google dictionary as “the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies.” Whether you are coordinating a small office, a large industrial plant, a tiny kindergarten through eighth-grade elementary school or a university, all modern occupations involve a degree of logistical application. Even a domestic engineer (otherwise known as a housewife or househusband) must keep track of documents such as the rent or mortgage receipt, grocery purchases, utility bills, medical bills etc. From the one-person show that is a single proprietorship to busy industrial complexes that have hundreds of employees, business is a matter of tracking complex operations involving multiple people. Folderit provides storage and ready access for your document management.

Storing Business Documents

A modern storage solution for document management for logistics not only needs to be secure, protected from fire, flood, wind, or vandalism, but also must be readily accessible for use. Many kinds of document storages have been used down through the history of business records, from stacks of clay tablets detailing harvest and dispersal of grain in ancient Sumeria to recording tapes and flash drives in more modern times. Each has had its share of difficulties and barriers to ready access. Folderit provides ready access to your files from any Internet-connected computer accessed by a user with the correct credentials while layering a barrier of protection through remote location and consistent backups against natural disasters and human malice. If you are a belt-and-suspenders type of person, however, you can download and create a backup file of your data at any time.

Convenience of Cloud Storage with Backup Access

Folderit handles document management for logistics by providing cloud storage for your important documents. These can be digitally created files, or they can be paper documents that have been scanned and prepared for storage. These digitally stored records can be accessed at any time if you have a device that accesses the Internet. This means that you can look up a customer’s records of orders, services or payments as easily as making a phone call. You can track an employee’s progress while taking in the sun at the beach or while hastening to a face-to-face meeting in a distant city. The download and save feature means that you can have a recent copy of all your documents created at any time and stored in a locally secure space for your convenience. After all, the Internet does not quite reach all the corners of the world just yet – although its coverage is increasing every day.

Progress from Ancient History to the Computer Age

Document management for logistics has come a long way from the days when the herdsmen and farmers of Sumer brought their livestock and produce to be taxed and the taxmen of that ancient city made their records in tablets of soft clay or wax using a reed stylus. Papyrus, parchment, and paper were more portable than clay tablets but less durable. All these methods of storing information were subject to the vagaries of filing systems. Our computer age has brought better access but has its own share of problems with durability. Folderit offers to you a world free of filing cabinets and offsite storage for your vital documents making it less likely that vandals, hackers or acts of nature will destroy your financial records. It also provides a way to download and save copies of your information so that should Folderit (a highly unlikely event since we back up our materials regularly) be subject to some dire event, you will still have recent business information at hand, and so that your data can be accessed offline if needed.

Folderit: Your Modern Record Keeping System

Record keeping seems to be a vital part of civilization. Contracts drawn up might have once been kept verbally by humans whose job it was to memorize such things, but humans are frail creatures. Written records took the place of those whose job it was to remember contracts and laws; computers have taken over the task of organizing and keeping records in order and accessible. Folderit makes a master artform out of your document management for logistics, keeping your records organized, accessible, and reasonably safe through modern digital techniques. Your data will be in good hands with Folderit.